Finding a job you love

I know that this is kind of cliché, because honestly who has a job that they love? It seems like something that should be so simple, and yet it’s so hard to actually find a job that you love. And in todays day and age it’s required to have a job so you need to go out and pick something that you are able to support yourself on. So we end up picking a job, even if we hate it, just so we can survive. Yay, real world. It sucks.

I know the harsh truth of this all too much, having spent my entire life doing things that I didn’t not actually enjoy. I dreaded going to work, I was miserable and unhappy and hated what I was doing with every fiber of my being. I’d been doing the same thing since I was 16, and it wasn’t good. I know that jobs aren’t meant to be fun, and they aren’t meant to be enjoyed. But why not? And why is the first response to someone hating their job to tell that person they need to try harder or do better because the reason they hate their job is all their fault.

My mom would always tell me this, it was on the list of lectures that I got. Everything was what I would make it, even if I didn’t have the “best” job I could still make it better. Something happened at work? She would respond that she has always had it worse. This only added to the feeling of unhappiness to be quite honest. I was in a dead end job that I hated, and at the same time I was being made to feel like it was all my fault and I needed to make a change.

My job, Don’t get me wrong, I liked working with kids. I did not like the other aspects. So much crap went down, workers filtered out faster than a toilet flushed. For a long time I was doing so much over time I would arrive at 630 in the morning and wouldn’t leave until well after 4 or 5 in the afternoon. This was everyday for a while actually. I would get an hour lunch break (we get a paid 30 minute one so I would essential get a half hour off my work time to be able to stay longer) and it was called good. When they finally realized how long I was working they were shocked. I remember my boss saying to me “I didn’t realize how much you had been working” like it was a shock to them even though I was there all day everyday. Somedays I didn’t even get that extra break, which royally sucked.

The cherry on top was being asked the day of to stay late, or when I was “on call” unofficially they would call hours before they needed me. Each time when I was not able to I was told that I was required to do this and saying no wasn’t an option. Or I would be sighed at. There was the one time that I had missed a meeting because they way they told employees about a meeting was solely verbal. When I was cornered and asked why I had missed it I simply said (while extremely busy taking kids to the bathroom mind you, I was literally doing my job) that I honest to goodness didn’t know about it. I was accused of having an attitude and was told, kid you not, this is why people complain about me all the time because I have such a bad attitude.

Now I am a pretty emotionally aware person. I can get worked up, I get crazy, but I fully realize when I am being unreasonable and when I am not doing anything at all. That time, I didn’t do anything. I answered a question in a rather bland non emotional tone. So maybe I just have resting bitch face or something because I don’t know how I was chewed out that much and made to feel as though everyone hated me. At that point why was I even hired there?

Eventually I moved from that center though, thankfully I had moved towns I was in and was able to say that I found another center closer to where I now was living. However it was then that I realized I just didn’t enjoy childcare, and the things that came with it. I was good at my job, I did everything I was asked plus some. baby-2981946_960_720.jpgBut that’s the problem in a job like that. You have the people that try so hard and they get the brunt of it all because they actually work and then you have the people that just sit on their butts doing nothing still getting paid because they think childcare means just being in the room with the kids.

And I am not trying to complain about how crappy my work situation was, or place blame or anything like that. I’m telling the facts so that people can get an idea of what working in childcare is like. As much as I loved working with kids, there is just too much other stuff that goes on that burns you out. And while the new center was better by far it came with it’s whole slew of issues as well.

People would get hired then sit, literally sit all day doing absolutely nothing. The boss wouldn’t fire anyone and they new it. The one time the boss stepped up and told some employees that they needed to step up with their job, they stopped coming to work. We had a girl that was hired who sat. Nothing but sitting, and gossiping. Talking smack, and literally hating anyone who actually did their job. It was a fight working with her, asking her to do something made her mad. Then she would talk crap about you to everyone, also not realizing that if she was in the other room that was attached to the one I worked in YOU COULD HEAR EVERY WORD. Classy. Also classy, her talking about her entire personal life, like every extreme detail of every personal thing she did. In front of the kids. I mean I know they’re like 1-2 years old but still, not appropriate. But despite employees acting like that, and causing so much drama, they were never fired. Either because the boss was too nice or just too afraid of losing people because hiring new ones is so much harder.

I have since quit childcare altogether and moved on to yoga.29389458_10211698395800431_8398133395648937984_o Last I heard that one girl is still working, I remember on my second to last day I could hear her talking smack about me. Mocking me because I had quit so I could instead teach yoga. Like of all the things to mock someone about, you’re really going to mock me for finding a more flexible job, better hours and better pay? I simply made it known that I could hear her, didn’t say a word and just walked off. My look, I’m assuming, was something resembling “I am so done with you but you aren’t even worth a fight or a response.” And I have not a single regret that I ever quit because as much as I loved that center the people (okay one person in particular) there were enough to make me never want to return.

The process to yoga was long and difficult, the training was long. The hunt for job was even longer. And the disappointment was a bitter, harsh truth of my reality. I spent months not working, desperately trying to find anything. And while I was extremely blessed that my husband made enough to cover everything it was not without hardship.

And now, I have a great job. For about a month now I have been doing the training, going to classes and teaching! I don’t want to be that person who is jumping for joy because I have moved on in life, not really seeing the bigger picture. But you can generally tell pretty quickly what kind of job it’s going to be. My first month at both childcare jobs were pretty telling, and I soon learned what they would be like. But my first month teaching yoga was literal gold. Okay not literally, but I haven’t enjoyed working this much like ever. After I teach I have a little bounce. I’m happy, and excited to be doing it. I love to see people love what I am teaching, and I love everything about my job. While I have set classes I can also add in some subbing as well, essential working as much or as little as I want.

But to get to this point was a lot of work. I worked so hard, trained hard and got myself to where I am today. And while those lectures from my mom essential at the time didn’t make much sense I realized that yes I need to make the change. So I changed careers, and while that is probably not what my mom meant it has certainly worked for me.25075081_10210934710028764_8413503960227464115_o

So, hang in there. We can make our own futures. It might take time, but I believe that if we don’t like something in life we have the ability to change it. And if you have a really sucky job, I understand. I have been there. I am 23, turning 24 and I have just now figured out what I want to do with my life. There is no age limit as to when you need to figure this out. There is no deadline, and there is nothing saying that you can’t go after your dreams after the age of 21. And yes, sometimes we need to work crappy jobs, but that doesn’t mean that we need to be stuck in them forever. An opportunity will come along, and eventually you will be able to follow a dream and find a job that you can truly enjoy.

It happened for a reason

A while ago I had posted a blog post about disappointment, after having not got the yoga job that I had my eyes on I was a little more than disappointed. You can read more about it here. Even though I had told myself that it was happening for a reason, I had still had my heart set on that one particular job. At the time I thought that was where I needed to be, the job that I needed to do. It was my end all be all. The road to recovery was a long process, but I managed to get through a rather dark time in my life. And as of late, I am beginning to see why having my heart set on one thing is not always the best way to look at things. You see, recently I did manage to find a yoga job. Months later, after my first initial searches and after my bitter period of rejection, I found something that is going to be even better. This is a story, a journey, of realization of one human who thought one job was the end all be all of life.

Months after the audition and my inevitable heart break, my sister and messaged me telling me that our local YMCA was looking for substitute yoga teachers. I was a little hesitant at first, and upon my recent searching had not found any job postings for yoga positions at the Y. I had already sent out several emails, with no response, and applied to the yoga jobs that I could find- again with no response. I had mentioned in my post about disappointment that I was interested in teaching yoga for athletes. I contacted my old alma mater but to no avail. No response, not even an acknowledgement that anyone had even received my emails. At this point I was not going to take anything personal, if they were not interested in the offer than that was on them and not a testament about me. So when my sister told me that she got the Mind and Body Coordinators card from the YMCA I emailed that same week. Immediately I got a response, and a link to the newly posted job. I filled out the job posting application as fast as anyone possibly can with an online app. With the job application filled out, a meeting set up later in the week I was feeling really good about everything. But I held that thought in the back of my mind, refusing to let myself be too hopeful incase of impending disappointment.

After the meeting, a date was set for me to demo teach a class for them. After discussing the options of how I could demo my teaching skills a full class was settled on, after admitting that I can still get a little nervous it was mutually decided that maybe I should just try for a full on class. So that is what I did.

I was nervous as all get out, I spent the whole night before I had to go an audition with my heart pounding so fast it felt like I had just run a sprint. I couldn’t sleep. I had to keep reminding myself all the way up until the audition to breathe. Just breathe, breathe, breathe. I forgot to do my demo, I was too nervous to do any assists, and I felt like I had modeled some poses way too much.

But none of that mattered to the YMCA. They want teachers to be themselves, to bring their own things to class and make each class they teach their own. I was so new this type of thinking. Having taking my training at a power yoga studio, everything was set in stone. There is a technique that you have to follow, and you can not stray from it. I was used to being told exactly what to do. So when it was made clear that I have this whole new freedom, I began to blossom.

I was offered a class to teach, as I stood in shock being told this I was trying to wrap my mind around anyone wanting me to actually lead a class. I went in expecting to be a sub, which in my mind was a wonderful place to start. I could gain the experience that I needed. They told me that they could not believe that was my first class I ever taught. To be fair, I couldn’t really believe it either. I had actually made it through the whole class, I was not all shaky and I felt as if it flowed very smoothly. I got a lot of thanks after I was done teaching. Practicing in your training is so different from leading an entire class, and I was honestly nervous to mess up in front of so many people. I did pretty well though. And the class I taught was well received. That is the difference in the YMCA staff. They gave me feedback as soon as I was done, they encouraged me and told me how much they enjoyed what I taught. They didn’t act like they were better than me, they thanked me and they told me exactly what they thought and how excited they were for me to be teaching.

Long story short, I have this amazing job at the Y now, and I feel like this is really the best place for me. It’s non-profit, which in my opinion is the best. I want my focus to be on helping people, on bringing yoga to people. I feel as though at the YMCA, I will have every opportunity to do just that. I am so blessed to be able to have this opportunity, and so excited to be starting on a brand new journey with yoga. I am doing training now but will be transitioning into teaching as soon as I finish my training.

Maybe in the spring I will go back and re-try to audition at the same studio. I will have more experience at least. But right now, I am going to be able to enjoy this opportunity of just being there for people and for the community. I don’t have to worry about teaching “well” enough anymore, or wonder what it was that I had done wrong. Maybe I just wasn’t right for that place, maybe I didn’t fit the strict standards of teaching, or maybe I was just destined to be here at the YMCA, where I can really learn to care for and help others. Either way, I can be happy and fully content with where I am at.

“Yoga isn’t for me”

Yoga. What do you hear when someone says those words? Do you envision someone twisted up? So flexible you can’t figure out which part is up or down? Or do you see a group of people bowing down to a statue, humming along with their movements in some strange form of worship. Or do you see a fitness group that is only for those thin girls that are able to manipulate their bodies into a pose so difficult your body aches just thinking about it?

No matter what we know about yoga, we all have these preconceived notions about what it actually is. We have this picture about what it’s supposed to be, and we think that we need to fit into these narrow standards. If we don’t fit into the standard view of what yoga is then clearly, it’s just not for us.

So many people have said this to me, I have to literally bite my tongue and watch myself for fear of rolling my eyes and lecturing every person who has those words fall from their lips. As I explain to someone that I am a certified instructor, I get the typical “Oh that’s so nice for you to be doing that. There is no way I can do that.” That’s just the most basic of replies I get, I have gotten several other replies before consisting of “I’m not flexible enough” “don’t you need to be able to touch your toes?” “Yoga? Isn’t that a load of hooey??” just to name a few. In response to these, yes it is nice, yes you can do it, no you don’t need to be flexible and you don’t need to touch your toes. And NO it is not a bunch of “hooey” since yoga in itself isn’t actually promising some magical cure all. I might be getting a little bit snarky, but the amount of people who have never tried yoga but tell me that it would be impossible for them to even try gets so old so fast.

I’m not sure what started this idea that you need a perfect body, perfect flexibility and vast knowledge of all things yoga to attend a class. But that is not the case, in fact it is so far from the truth I can’t even imagine how we came to believe these lies society gives us.

Yoga is not about doing each pose perfectly, matching some model pulled off google who has been twisted into the most complicated version of whatever pose is being modeled. No, yoga is so much more than those ideas we somehow have come to believe. Yoga is a way of relaxation, a form of semi intensive exercise and breathing practices. Breathing actually plays a huge part in yoga, although in the modern world of yogic exercise this part of yoga generally gets forgotten.

Yoga helps with my back pain, it can help focus and ground my mind. It can bring peace, and it can help to loosen up some very sore muscles. And it did all that before I learned to touch my toes. There are actually so many poses that I am still unable to hold. My handstand looks more like a wobbling pillar (or more like a crumbling, collapsing pillar), and I still have trouble balancing on my left side. Me and the ground are really good friends when I practice balance.

And I know that yoga isn’t for everyone, I don’t like every form of exercise out there. That’s fine, I don’t mind if someone doesn’t enjoy doing it. But to have never even tried and then say that you can’t do yoga isn’t an accurate statement. It’s just that so many people jump to the conclusion before they even try. I used to be the same way, I loved the idea of yoga and I had always wanted to try. But I was telling myself I just wasn’t flexible enough, and that I didn’t know enough about it or how to do it.

But this is why we take classes, to learn. We don’t tell ourselves we can’t have an eduction because we don’t know it all, we don’t say that we can’t learn something knew because we don’t fit some standard. So why do we do this with yoga? Once I got out of my head and tried it out, I loved it. So much so I became certified. And I am so glad that I did.

So give it a try, because yoga can fit all types. With props and modifications anything is accessible in yoga. I still use a strap for my practice, and I love doing so. It makes so many poses more accessible to me. Instead of saying that you can’t do it, ask how you can do it. Yoga is a practice that can be beneficial to all, if only we take the time to try it out.

So yes, yoga isn’t for me, at least the preconceived notion of perfection and flexibility isn’t for me. However the practice of yoga is for me. Because that’s just what it is, a practice. We don’t call it a yoga performance, because we aren’t perfect. Practice is what we do to get better at something, and that is what we are doing with yoga. And literally anyone can practice yoga, Buzzfeed actually made a pretty good point of this when they made a video on yoga. Actually they have made several but this is my favorite one. Another good one is plus sized women prove yoga is for everyone.

And while it may seem that yoga studios or classes only cater to a certain group, we can change this way of thinking if we learn to embrace something new and stop making assumptions that are purely from bias and not fact. Not every class or studio is going to be perfect. Not every class or studio will be welcoming. It might actually take a while to find something that specifically fits your needs. But it is so worth it. There have been a few classes that just did not click with me. I have a couple awkward yoga stories (for another post) that shamed me to no end. But all in all I had found that this practice was for me and that I need and wanted it in my life.

So before passing judgement on something you have never tried, try it. However, if you have tried it and hated it then judge all you want. At least you tried.


My 2018 New Year Goals

I know that it is a little Cliche to be posting my New Years goals or resolutions. I am not really an advocate for resolutions because I feel as though if you are wanting to change you can do so at any time and you don’t need a whole new year as an excuse. But there is also nothing wrong with sitting down and writing out what you want to accomplish for this year. Goals can be a wonderful thing, especially those goals that help to better your life. So this post isn’t really about the resolutions that I am trying to hold myself up to. I don’t want to set some crazy standards about how I need to be this year, and I don’t feel that I need to change who I am. I just want to better the lifestyle that I already am living. So here are my goals for this New Year, the things that I want to accomplish and work on the most.

1. Go fully vegan: This is probably the biggest goal, and the worst thing coming from a self proclaimed plant eater. I have always tried to use plant powered wherever possible because in reality I eat about 90-95% plant. As a transitioning vegan, it isn’t always easy to switch over cold tofu. I hadn’t properly prepared or made it clear to friends and family that I was eating this certain way and did not want to stray. So for holidays or special occasions I would let it slip. Why bother others with my requests, why tell them that I can’t eat that? It was just easier to eat the meal they prepared. But for this year I want to eat 365 days no meat. 365 days of making my own thing, requesting something else and saying “I can’t eat that”. 365 days of refusing the normal holiday fare. We shouldn’t let a good habit slide because of those around us and we shouldn’t compromise our goals just because it’s a holiday or because that was the food that was made. I am going to have to get really good at making and/or bringing my own things. The hardest part-explaining to my mom why I still can’t eat the veggies because she put butter on them.

2. Go full zero waste: We have slowly been transitioning and moving to this lifestyle. I have all the packaged things we have left over in their own area waiting to be used. The main goal is to get rid of the trash can and potentially just have a jar. We have a compost set up, recycling for stuff that can be that we still had and we buy in bulk and unpackaged when possible. My next step is to announce to everyone that we are doing this lifestyle because I do not want to receive anything in packaging anymore. Thankfully this Christmas people got us useful gifts that are actually minimal waste. So we are off to a pretty good start.

3. No spend year: I talked this over with my husband and we agreed to a no spend year. The rules: no spending anything unless it’s a needed item, a holiday in which you give a gift or the occasional game because we are currently trying to build up a gaming collection. But wait, doesn’t that go against minimalism and zero waste? Well yes, kind of. But the way that I do minimalism is if it brings me joy then I keep it. I am a lover of movies and games (both video and board) so that is something that I still need to explain to people that I won’t stop buying because I actually use them. However, I can start buying used ones instead of the packaged new ones in store. That can at least cut down on the plastic packaging we get from games. Also I do weed out those items that we no longer watch or did not like. I either donate or sell them. And even though it would be minimalistic to ditch all their cases, I keep those because I do not want to toss that much plastic just to have nothing on my shelf.

4. Blog more: I always have so many ideas for blogging but I go stretches without doing anything. I need to keep up on it, mostly because blogging for me is kind of like my journaling. I also need to stop worrying about numbers, which is something I am always concerned about with social media. If people like what I post then they will follow, if not oh well. Not the end, not everyone likes everyone’s content.

5. Do yoga every day: I know, I know. I am an instructor for goodness sake. But honestly I slack so much in this department. Not only do I want to do yoga every day I want to accomplish some hard poses and become more flexible. I want to make more flows, share them with people and just feel good in my body by doing what I know I should be doing everyday. So no more slacking. Yoga everyday needs to happen.

6. Last but not least, have an awesome year: Honestly our lives are what we make them. I have seen so many people complaining about how crappy 2017 was. And the same went for 2016 as well and so on. But honestly, despite all the bad I had some great years. I became a certified yoga instructor that; is pretty awesome. So I want to focus on positives this year, and really make it a great year. Because 99% of the year is how we react, perceive and make things. So here is to positivity and joy this year!

What are some goals you guys have? Some things you want to really focus on? Let me know in the comments, if we have similar goals don’t be afraid to chat with me. We could be buddies and help each other get to our goals this year.

Happy New Year guys! Let’s make this the best year yet!

Is Yoga Journal worth it?

With all magazine subscriptions the age old question of “is it worth it?”, actually this is basically the question I ask with any subscription that is offered my way. When I saw that yoga journal was on sale on amazon I could not pass up that offer. A year subscription for 7$. I have no idea if this is a deal, but I have always wanted to try a subscription to Yoga Journal. And before someone says that this is hardly zero waste, where I live is impossible to be completely zero waste so we have altered our lifestyle to stop the trash flow from our place and recycle everything we can’t re-use, donate or compost. Also I purchased the subscription before we made the total move to a zero waste lifestyle.

So I happily and rather impulsively bought myself this magazine subscription that honestly I didn’t really know much about. It has yoga in the name so obviously it’s got to be a must have right? They said that I would get my first magazine at the end of January or beginning of February. So I sat back and waited for the long haul.

But just a week ago I got the first two issues. The fall issue and the winter issue. I’m not sure if they were wrong about the delivery dates or they just decided to send the latest issues of this year since I had signed up for them in November. Or even if they just sent me some ones they had leftover. I wasn’t going to complain, I was really excited to be honest. I rarely ever subscribe to anything. I’m usually (by usually I mean always) sign up for the free trial and then cancel it once it’s done. I did this with audible, amazon prime reading, and pretty much everything else. The only subscription that ever stuck was Netflix.

After flipping through the magazines, I can honestly say that I like them. The first issue had tips for back pain, and as someone who has to deal with back pain on a daily basis this was a great surprise. They also had some new flows and tips to try. I’m also really into those sappy magazine stories, and they seem to have awesome tips for yogis.

But the question here isn’t if I like the magazine, which I do and it certainly helps out in the favor of a subscription. The question is wether or not it is worth it. For this magazine to be worth it the price needs to be right. For me, 7$ wasn’t a bad price. I’m sure that it’s not that great of a deal, I’m sure that you could find a better deal somewhere. But 7$ dollars compared to the actual price of a subscription like this isn’t bad. However, if you don’t get the deal and you end up paying anywhere from 10-20$ dollars than that would seriously put into question about wether or not these magazines are worth it. Frankly no magazine is really worth more than 10$ a per year but I know that some magazines run around 20-30$ for a yearly subscription.

So, if you get the great price, I would suggest getting this maybe to try out or something. The stories and tips are definitely worth it, and I don’t mind the ads in the magazine (which are part of every magazine because that is how they get things finically supported) as they pertain to me in some way. And I am digging the recipes they offer in the magazine. With a few tweaks I can make them vegan in a snap.

Would I continue this subscription? Maybe, if I continue to get this price, but I probably wont get these deal every time. And to be quite honest I probably wouldn’t renew even if I got this great price. I love the magazine and I love the stories in them. But as someone trying to cut down on waste in my life these don’t seem that practical. There is an online subscription, but from the reviews it doesn’t seem that great in itself. Really what it boils down to is if this is something that you want in life. It certainly adds a lot of things with recipes, tips, tricks and new flows etc.

I like the magazines, and I look forward to the rest but I have to ask myself if I am going to be looking at these past when I read through them. The answer is, no probably not. So for the time being I will enjoy them while I have them. I will recycle them as best I can and then probably end the subscription. For yogis, this is a great assets magazine, but for anyone trying to cut waste out of their life this isn’t the best. But I would recommend them. So if this is something you’ve been wanting to try, snatch up a subscription when the price drops and give them a shot. The back pain tips are definitely worth it for me.

5 Tips for your first yoga class

We have all been there, walking into a studio with no idea what it’s going to be like. If you’re like me, you roped someone into going with you so you have the comfort of a familiar face around. The sign up process is nerve racking, as the front desk attendant passes you the information sheet waiting for you to fill it out. I hate having to fill anything out, filling forms out for sure means you will be getting an email; maybe even several million of them.

Then you need to walk into the studio room itself, find a spot. It feels as though everyone is staring at you as you try to pick the best, most unnoticeable spot that you possible can for a first timer. I had an advantage as I had been home practicing for a while, so at least I knew what the poses were when they were called out. And it was a beginner class with a set flow every time so I could come for several classes and start to get the hang of it.

There are some things that I wish I had known when I first came to a class. Some things that I learned in teacher training, or learned from observing classes and just things I realized on my own after going to a studio for a while.

1. Pick a spot in the middle row, in the very middle of the room:

No one ever told me this when I first went, probably because I said this wasn’t my first time doing yoga just my first time at a studio. But when I began to observe classes for teacher training, I noticed that teachers would encourage students to find a spot in the very middle if they said it was their very first time or if they asked for any tips. This is because if you have never done yoga before like ever, you are going to be very lost in your first class. It takes some time to get the poses down and really know what the teacher is trying to guide you to do. So if you’re in the very middle then you have a person to follow or use as a visual guide no matter where you turn. It’s not perfect and you shouldn’t solely rely on copying someone else in yoga, but it can be very helpful to a first timer if they have a visual as to what the pose looks like, especially in a studio that focuses more on one on one time with students vs staying up in the front.

2. Do not go into yoga thinking you need to be perfect:

This was something that I learned in training, as well as saw for myself. So many times when I told people I was training in yoga or asking them to do a class they would tell me that there is no way they can do that. You do not have too look like a yoga model, or do a pose perfectly to do a yoga class. Yoga looks different on everyone. Truly it does, I have never seen two downward facing dogs that look the exact same. There are modifications you can do, a different pose entirely and props that allow you to reach a pose better. Straps help someone complete binds they cant fully reach. In my case I use a strap no matter what because even if I can reach a bind it’s just more comfortable to have the extra space. So don’t think that because you don’t look like your neighbor that you are doing it wrong. Yoga is what feels good in your body and if it doesn’t feel good to have your heels to the floor in down dog don’t do it. For me I find a generous bend in my knees for my first down dog, along with some pedaling, really gets me started and loosened up for later on. I bend my knees in forward bends as well. Along with a little bend in my knee in poses like half moon or warrior III because it eases the pressure of trying to reach for something. My hamstrings can be pretty tight so I usually NEVER look like the model yogi for a pose.

3.You do not have to listen to the instructor:

Wait? What? Why even go to a class then? Well I find the community and set flow really nice, I always keep in mind that the instructor is a guide and I do not HAVE to follow along. Never have I ever, nor anyone else for that matter, been called out for doing something different. Again, you need to do yoga for YOUR body, so if the instructor calls you to Flamingo and you just can’t do that at this point, do a mod or a different pose that works the same muscles. You know you better than anyone, if it feels good do it. If it hurts don’t, and remember that being uncomfortable is only temporary but if it’s pain you’re feeling then adjust. A lot of the time your instructor will appreciate you doing a mod that is right in your body. I have lower back issues so I hate doing seated forward bend. I ignore the call to that and just butterfly my legs and bend that way instead. I still get a stretch and my lower back feels less strain that way. Don’t feel like you have to do it just because it was suggested in class. Just do what your body needs for the day.

4. Talk to someone:

I know this one is the worst. Take it from me, being social is not my first thought when taking a class. And a lot of the time there are already friend groups talking when you come in. But don’t be afraid to get to know your neighbor a little. I found that my best classes were the ones where I came out of it chatting with the other ladies (or gentlemen) and it certainly makes the locker room a little less awkward if you smile and say hello to someone. Sure you don’t have to be social in yoga, but it really adds to the class.

5. Keep meals light right before a class:

I was one to think that eating a little before a class would give me a boost. But I soon learned that you should eat light before, if you eat at all. Or if you do eat make sure it is an hour before class. A lot of the time I found I performed my best when I took a morning class and just ate after. You feel light and airy, and then you aren’t weighted down by the heavy breakfast you just had. Then I would go and pig out after I was done. Often times eating seems like a good idea because yoga can be a form of exercise and take a lot out of you, but just like you wouldn’t eat a big meal before running a race you wouldn’t do so with yoga. So light snacks if you must and save the pigging out for after you’re done. Plus you can get all your yogi friends to go out for food when you’re done and it makes it so much better!

These are just some beginner tips that I found would have been helpful to know when I first started my studio adventures. They aren’t going to make or break your experience but they definitely help, and I would have loved to know the middle spot tip when I first started. You would have died laughing if you saw me shoved in a corner my first time trying to see what everyone else was doing cause I was new to the flow.

I encourage everyone to give studio yoga a try, there is always a studio for everyone. Yoga is a great addition to life and can benefit everyone in some way.


Introduction: my blog, veganism and yoga

I am back at it again with the blogging; tracking my journey, eating my veggies and working on my flows. I’m making this blog to track and share my journey as a vegan and a yogi. I have been vegan for a few months now, and a yogi just as long. I have recently taken my 200 hour teacher training course and have become fully certified to teach! I am excited for the journey and excited for the things life has in store. I had to make a blog to share as I delve into this journey. This blog will be about all things vegan, yogi as well as minimalism, zero waste and essential oils. These are the things that I am passionate about in life, and I want to share my journey and thoughts with other people. If these are things that interest you than follow along on my journey. I am always looking for new friends and tips along the way.

If you’re just like me and just kind of fresh on this journey of veganism, yoga, minimalism, zero waste or even oils than definitely follow along. Give me a shout, we could buddy it up. I am always looking for inspiration in my life journey. I am always open to learning new things and discovering more on this journey. More things are coming, I will try to update my blog regularly on my life and happenings. Stay tuned for exciting things.