Repeat Yoga Days

As a yoga teacher who gets the privilege of making all of my own flows and classes, I was terrified of doing a repeat class. What if the class remembered the flow, what if they were wanting something totally new. Some weeks it would be a struggle to put something together and most of the time it would be some variation of the other flows anyways. But just this last week in my class we did a pretty challenging flow, and while my class really loves these I don’t want to make them do something super challenging each class. So as sat there thinking what I would possibly make up for them, what I would possibly be able to do with them to give them some sort of break, I thought back to the basic power flow that was taught to us in teacher training. It had been a while since I had used that particular flow, and it was still energy building but without all of the work that the last flow had offered. So it would be a nice break.

But somewhere in the back of my mind I was terrified of using something that I had already used before, because somehow it felt like I was cheating or not doing the work that I should be. And honestly, this is a mindset that I would love to just kick to the curb.

For one thing, a lot of studios offer the same basic class. Which is why I was taught this flow in my teacher training because the studio used that as their beginner class. As they taught it to us they told us to learn in and go use it in our own classes. It’s not a bad thing to use something again and again, and some people really enjoy having a solid flow that’s the same thing every time. I mean, studios that use that method are clearly doing pretty well for themselves so something must be right with having a basic flow.

But I could not for the life of me think of a flow that would be a suitable change after something super challenging. I kept coming back to the basic flow. I mean it’s a good flow, it hits all the things you’d want in an energy flow yoga class and it really brings out the physical side of yoga without being too much work.

So why is it such a huge deal then when I want to do a repeat? And where did this mindset come from? Since clearly that is not what I was taught in training. As a yoga teacher, it can be a little nerve wracking getting up in front of people each week and presenting something that you made. Especially for me, the teacher training that I took did not spend a huge amount of time on the actual how to for making flows. I think we spent like 2 hours on that. A day at most. Which really, it should of been one of the main things we went over. So, you’ve got to make this flow and you already are like “what if they don’t like it?” and then you feel like you should of gotten more training in actually making your own flows as well.

Plus, not every flow is going to be a winner. It just isn’t, everyone is different and everyone likes different things. It’s natural that your flow just won’t resonate with someone that week. It happens to me sometimes as well, I just don’t like the flow and it’s not to say I didn’t enjoy the class or doing yoga but it’s not what I would have chosen for myself. And to cater to several people and all of their different likes, it certainly is a challenging career. I love yoga, and I love making flows. But it’s also really difficult at times as well.

I’m also not a huge social person. I’m just not. I’m not sure how I got to be a yoga instructor, and having to spend an entire hour talking to an entire class but I am. But it’s still hard for me, and I am human so I have all these doubts in my head about how I am teaching and how people like it. I’m sure as I teach even longer I will be okay, but for now it still feels new and fresh and I’m like “okay who trusted me to teach people this stuff.” so it can be slightly scary.

But once I let go of how people will perceive me, and I just go with what feels the best for class this time around, I get the best flows and ideas. And if a repeat is needed, then it’s needed. A huge part of it is just coming to terms with what I am feeling that week. What will feel the most right, what is going to be the best? And then I go with that.  I also base it off other weeks, while we are an energy flow class I do not want to make them work super hard each time. So if one class was more intense, the next one will be more mellow.

And in reality, repeating a flow that I used 3 months ago, isn’t going to be the end of my class. Yoga instructors have fears as well, however yoga really helps to focus on other things and not just the fear. And overcoming fears and doubts is a part of the teacher life. And chances are the class will really love the flow anyways, and most likely will not notices its the same exact flow. No one is THAT good at memorizing something they’ve done once. It took me ages to get that flow down and it did it everyday for months.

So, never be afraid to use a repeat flow. Never be afraid to take a repeat flow. Sometimes some repetition can be the best thing we need in life.


Facebook isn’t a valid news source

I see this ALL the time, way too often actually, and it’s quite scary. Something is posted or shared and it goes viral and people are outraged (or super happy, depending on the post) and suddenly in a flurry it’s all over Facebook. I have seen post on how it’s the end of the world, photos of all of the “awful” things happening around the world, and even some good things. Share this photo and get free chipotle! Yeah, I have been there and done that and guess what, if you show that photo to a fast food chain they will laugh at you and say sorry, this isn’t valid please actually buy your meal.

But why do we this? We share something without really thinking of it’s origins or where it came from or who even originally posted it. And it’s not too hard to find out what is falsified and what is actually real. I mean google searches can tell you where pictures actually came from. Searching for the original post can tell you if this is a legit facebook sharing stuff or one that was just created to share this account of things that suddenly has surfaced but is totally true. And just plain common sense will tell you what is entirely plausible, and what isn’t.

Remember the tide pod eating craze? And then right after it suddenly became huge news that kids were snorting condoms? Yeah, the actual video of that was from years ago, from one kid who was doing some kind of challenge. But everyone believed that kids were now snorting condoms because someone found this video and shared it like “kids now days snort condoms! First tide pods, now this? Crazy!” and it was insane how fast people believed this to be something kids were actually doing quite regularly. Which in turn led kids to actually try it, though thankfully only a couple did. At least only a couple filmed and published it. But a quick youtube search will show you like 2 kids who actually tried, tons of news videos on this “new trend” and then videos from a year ago, 5 years ago and even 10 years ago.

I watched a video one time, about a person talking to a snake. They said to the snake, “You have legs! It was on facebook, so it’s true!” and while the snake tried to tell the person how stupid it was, snakes don’t have legs, the person shared the post and told everyone they know that snakes do have legs. Because it was on facebook, so it must be true. Here is the actual video if you ever want to watch it. While incredibly dumb, it has a point. Just believing something that is from our facebook timeline isn’t actually a valid source.

Here is a thing though, people can post whatever they want. Google has a bajillion images that anyone can download. And photoshop exists. So this tweet that is supposedly from some verified account saying these newsworthy things is actually very easily edited in photoshop. I have no idea how to use photoshop and I can safely tell you that I would be able to make up a fake tweet. If you really want to know if someone actually tweeted this out, go sift through all the tweets they have tweeted. Also good luck, because my twitter alone has over 12K tweets and I’m not even verified.

The facts are though, just because something is posted, doesn’t mean it’s true. Just because they have a photo, doesn’t mean it’s true. People lie, people make stuff up and people spread rumors about all kinds of things. It’s sad, but it’s true.

All those go fund me links you see asking for donations? Do you even know where this money is going. Maybe it’s the still the broke college kid in me but when I see a link, I don’t just drop money all over it. I don’t know the people personally asking, I do not 100% know for sure that they even need the money for what they say because I have never met them. And it’s sad, because I would love to be able to help everyone who needs help. But not through a link online, in a world where people can make false profiles and write whatever they want. I do not know if they will actually take the money and use it for what they claim, or if this is a scam because they know if they get a picture of a little girl and say she needs help she is so sick people will donate money to them. Not to mention the thousands of funding pages for things like “help me buy this, I need a car, I want to travel etc” which alone make a person shudder with the amount of funding pages people have for things they really should just be saving up for with their own money. As much as I would love to have an all expenses paid vacation via go fund me, I can go to work and save my money and do it myself.

The thing is though, we live in a fast social media world now. Where people are obsessed with sharing everything. But we never get the whole story. The videos of people being treated “poorly” at a store or restaurant could very well be an act. Because all we see is the last half of what was going on, with this person claiming that they are being treated so poorly. But what went on before the video was recorded? How was this person acting before they suddenly decided that they were wronged and need evidence of this? I could go into a store and make a huge scene and get kicked out, then start recording as security removed me yelling about how they are being rude to me just because I am a girl. Chances are people would share the crap out of that, saying “don’t shop here they are sexist towards woman.” and bam. Half a truth has suddenly become the only truth in the eyes of social media.

But because it was posted online it must be true. And that’s honestly the scariest thought to think about. People don’t take the time anymore to look things up, read from actual sources AND to read both sides of an issue. We see something, we believe it, we share it. So when did facebook photos and peoples tweets become the news? My goodness, look up press releases and statements and find out where those posts actually came from.

Have you ever looked up one of those “bad” posts people have shared. For example a while ago it was huge news that a worker at a restaurant purposely put meat into a vegan meal. While they had screen shots of the actual post of the worker bragging about doing it, it was no where to be found online. And you can go to their profile real quick and find out if it’s on there or not. Now I know that things can be deleted but also, wouldn’t there be more of a trace of it than just that one screen shot? Things online are never truly gone after all.

And honestly, I get it. Because you see something and you feel like you need to be outraged and do something about it so you share it. But spreading false news and media lies won’t help anything. What does help is finding out what is really going on, sharing the actual news and then doing something accordingly. Because simply sharing a post claiming to be truth is only going to cause more hurt and confusion in the long wrong. Facebook isn’t our news source, social medias aren’t platforms of truth and literally anything can be falsified. We have some very passionate people who think by making posts on facebook they are helping the issues of the world. And it’s having an opposite effect.

So before going on a social media outrage rant, before sharing anything, before making claims find out more about it. Look stuff up, do your own research and make sure that you know for sure what you are sharing. It doesn’t take that much more effort to do a little homework, and it can do a world of good in the social media world.

What no one tells you about trying to get pregnant

Whoa, heavy topic coming through. Be prepared, but honestly I feel like this one is long overdue, especially as me and my husband continue our family and planning and as we try to have a baby.

*This post will also get a little personal, if you are not comfortable talking about the process of trying for a baby just pass over this one.* 

We’ve been trying for a few months now, which is not super long but also long enough to learn some things I had never known before and also feel that bitter disappointment when you get a negative test. But honestly, there are so many things that come into family planning, and no one seems to talk about that side of things. It would of seriously made the beginning of our journey so much better if we had known these things beforehand. And it’s tough, especially just starting out because you just don’t know. So here are some things that no one told me, or talked about, when we started trying. The best and the worst of it all.

  1. People will shame you for being honest; as soon as I told my family we were trying for a baby I got those disapproving stares. The kind where it’s like, why are you even telling me this? You aren’t actually pregnant. When I was told we should have kids I said responded with “that’s the plan”  my mom was the first one to tell me how dumb that was which leads into my second point right away. But honestly, wether you want to let people know or not is totally up to you. Personally, I like having a certain amount of honesty, what’s the point of even hiding it? I am not ashamed I want a baby, I am not ashamed that we made this decision to try. And honestly it’s a big step, sometimes simply talking about things can really help.
  2. People are going to tell you the worst things; going off that last point, after my mom told me how stupid it was to tell people we are trying, she went into to tell me “well, what if you never have any children, you could have to adopt.” Like, gee thanks for that, because that is exactly what I needed to hear. But ignore anyone who says stuff like that to you. Especially in our case when we just started out, there is no reason someone needs to give you that fear and adding to your stress.
  3. Don’t use lube; um say what?! Yeah, I was super shocked about this one and could not believe it. While it seemed like common sense after the fact, it just did not occur to us maybe we shouldn’t be using anything extra. Traditional lubes can act as a block or barrier and not allow sperm to pass. Try to get a little creative instead so you don’t need the lube, or if you truly need it try an alternative method. They make special lube to help aid sperm or natural oils (like olive oil) can work just as well and will not act as a barrier. Seriously, this was one tip that had me hitting my head on my hand when I learned.
  4. It can be super fun; okay so we all know that most sites and blogs will warn you that trying can make you hate sex, especially having to do it so often or if you just overdo it in general. But they also don’t tell you that it can be even more fun, as well as having an added closeness to your partner. Yeah, honestly you could get tired of it, but you could also just enjoy the frequency and mix it up a bit as well. There isn’t really a reasoning for this, other than having a goal in mind can definitely change sex for you.
  5. Everyone else will conceive long before you do; sad, but honestly so true. Maybe it’s just me or maybe it’s just my particular social medias but pretty much everyone I know is pregnant. I am not even kidding in the slightest. It just happens, especially if you are friends with a ton of girls your age. If you’re at an age you feel ready than chances are so is everyone else. And while this can be a bit of a bummer, it’s just how it goes. And chances are, they had to do their fair share of waiting for it to happen as well.
  6. It’s a huge waiting game; movies always show it as “Oh? Maybe I should take a test!” or somehow the woman didn’t realize she was pregnant until she actually got symptoms. But truth be told, if you are trying you know your cycle like the back of your hand. So you are literally just wanting until it’s the right time to test, or until your period comes. Especially in the early months of trying. But if you’re trying chances are you aren’t going to forget when your period comes and you certainly won’t be waiting until you start barfing or your boobs hurt to actually test. (Yes, I am so throwing shade at the movie What To Expect When You’re Expecting because come on, how am I supposed to believe that a woman who had an app to say when she was exactly ovulating wouldn’t notice her period being late by a few weeks?)
  7. People will tell you super nice things; my sister would really help out when I was upset. She would tell me that these things take time and it will happen when it’s right. Which at the time did not help, but after I calmed down I realized that she is right. And I have been on birth control and that definitely messed up my cycle as well. But she was really helpful and got me back on track. While it might not seem like it at the time, it really can be and it will also ground back onto your focus.
  8. In the end, it’s all worth it; trying can be one of the most difficult times in life, but it’s also so worth it. Eventually, you will get there. Maybe it takes years, maybe it’ll happen soon. Maybe it will never happen and we do end up adopting. But either way we move forward in life and get one more step closer to our family planning. Either that or I talk my husband into yet another cat.


Hopefully something on this list prepares you, I would have loved a heads up before we started. And just remember if you are in the same boat that I am in, it does indeed take time. Though it doesn’t seem like it for others, it does and it’s just going to happen when it happens. Keep out the negatives, keep stress levels low (I know, this one is so hard for me ugh) and just keep trying. It can be so scary, truly it can, but instead of focusing on the fear look forward to what is to come. However scary it will be, life is progressing. It won’t always go how we like, that’s for sure, but it’s still better than sitting still.

If you like this post and want more of this journey and real stuff just comment below. I love to share my journeys with others in hopes that it can also help out other people.

When you just don’t feel the yoga class: teacher edition

I’m not really sure if we’ve all been there on this one, but I definitely have. And I mean it only makes sense, especially if you’re a yoga teacher that has to make up a unique flow that is fitted towards the class you teach. It can get tiring, and honestly if you’ve already had a pretty rough week then you aren’t feeling the class at all.

You can’t just tell the class that either. There’s no option for yoga teachers to be like “okay guys, today I am just not in the mood I don’t think I can teach. I hate my flow, I could not think of anything better so just go home class is cancelled.” Nope, that is not an option. I mean, yeah maybe you could do that. But they came to class, sending them away is honestly just not okay. If you privately teach, maybe you could ask to reschedule but again that’s the pay for the day you won’t be getting. So we just kind of have to push through, and we’ve got to find a way to make it work. But how are we supposed to do that when we think of that flow we halfheartedly made, and we shudder at the very thought of teaching it the class?

Well, as someone who has been there (and epically failed through a class) I can give some pointers on how to get your game back. Or at least make it through your class.

  1. First, if you have the time then spend a little longer making the flow. A huge problem for me was I didn’t spend a ton of time on the flow that bummed me out. I didn’t even try it out to see if what I was doing was making sense. So spend a little extra time, try it out and just see what works.
  2. Go with something a little simpler and relaxing. Changing up what your normally do can throw you out of wack, but if you already aren’t feeling it and are having trouble coming up with a solid flow for the class try adding in a few simple flows to get the body moving. Most people are not picky about the yoga they just love to do it.
  3. Change things up a little bit. Honestly, this was a bit of the reason I was bummed out, and even having a hard time coming up with a great flow. Doing the same old in class is super great, but changing it up can ad variety and make things more fun for the class. Instead of doing pigeon pose every time try a different variation. People like Supine figure 4 a lot, and if they really feel like they need something in their practice they will take it. Try a new sun A flow, or add a new element into Sun B flows. I found a sun A flow in a yoga book I have that goes from kneeling prayer, to extended, to puppy, to cat, to down dog and then all the way back in the flow. It was fresh, interesting and went over well with the class. Now there is nothing wrong with keeping basic Sun flows and adding other elements after the flow, but sometimes mixing up the flows a little bit can really do a lot to the flow.
  4. Take advice with a grain of salt; people are always going to have something to say about your class. It was great, you could do this, maybe try this etc. Someone always has an opinion. I had a lady show up to my energy flow class, the most advanced class offered at where I teach and told me I should just slow it down a bit and that by flowing the class I made one student leave early. But that is the class, and she didn’t know the person who had left. The person who had left in fact goes to my other class and has been leaving early and doing their own thing since before I even took over any classes there. And while her advice was really solid and good, it still is a class with high energy flows and advanced poses. I had another lady tell me I used too many breath cues, which was a valid point because I do tend to focus a lot on the breathing in my flows. But yoga is also not yoga without your breath, so I can spend hours trying to figure out the perfect times to give (or not give) those cues or I can focus on making the flow wonderful for my class.
  5. Remember to have fun; this can be a huge thing to bring yourself down with teaching. You spend too much time trying to make the perfect flow, or meet all the demands etc you lose why you even started to teach in the first place. But have some fun with it, think of new themes or try a ridiculous pose that the class just try. Yoga doesn’t always have to be this work, it can be super fun. And if you’re having fun then they are having fun. And if we are having fun then we are adding a little bit of ourselves into the class, and people will gravitate toward that.

Teaching yoga can be so much work, but it doesn’t always have to be. And once we find ourselves stressing about the class, or just being totally bummed about it we need to step back and think about what we can change. If all else fails, just spend some quality time flowing on your mat and bring back the mindset you need to be able to teach.

13 Reasons Why break down




This will be a hard post, with a hard topic. I just ask, no matter how you feel about this show and this topic that you are kind in the comments. Disagreeing is fine and welcomed, calling people names, making threats and even being plain rude because does/does not like the show is not okay and will get you immediately blocked.

This is a show that has been met with a ton of controversy, love, hate and all around a huge amount of opinions on the show. There are so many people who love the show and claim it has done wonders, and there are just as many people hating the show talking about how it isn’t at all accurate or good for anyone. Either way you feel about the show, the second season has just dropped, and with plenty of time for people to binge, love or hate the show I figured it was time for a 13 reasons why break down. Basically my thoughts, what other people are saying and the whole meaning behind the show.

So if you don’t know the first season of 13RW follows the story of Hannah Baker post suicide, after several traumatic experiences with her classmates Hannah ends her life. Not before recording 13 tapes, with 13 reasons as to why she did this. She then leaves the tapes to be passed around to the students that are the “reasons” behind her decision and make sure that they all listen to the tapes with the threat that they will be publicized if they do not do as told. The students try to hide the tapes, while making sure that the other people listening do what they are told, and to never talk about the tapes. Alongside that Hannahs mom is discovering more and more about Hannahs bullying and pursues a lawsuit against the school for negligence. Season 1 ends with all the kids basically panicking, the tapes are in fact given to the parents to use in the lawsuit and kids are started to be called in to testify. The baseball team (Bryce) still stands at the top bullying those around them making sure everyone stays quiet. And another student (Alex) attempts suicide.

So then here comes season 2, deep in the lawsuit Hannahs parents are now split. Alex survived his attempt and students are being called to the stand to testify either for or against Hannah. Jessica is too afraid and not ready to name her rapist and Alex is trying to get back into the swing of things while still dealing with bullying about his attempt. The school has banned any talk of suicide to ‘”fix” the problem, and Bryce is now working full force with his buddies to maintain his innocence after several allegations of rape against him.

So then, what is this show even for? The first season really brought in a lot of questions about that. Was a show like this doing any good, or is it only doing harm. There were many talks about romanticizing many aspects of suicide and mental illness. But does it really? Besides there being many MANY warnings before they showed anything in the show, people still watched on (again, against warning, people still continued on even when the warning specifically said what was going to be shown.) I am in now way protecting the show and what they chose to show, but they did take every precaution necessary and then some with also providing resources. Honestly, the best way to break this down is to work with pros and cons. So lets start there.



13 RW talks about the hard issues no one ever does talk about

It shows A LOT. And while there are many warnings before they show anything, most people just ignore the warnings and it’s still upsetting.

It can really help people who have no clue what it is like realize what people with mental illness relate to

It shows a lot of the negative sides of mental illness, suicide and rape. Hannah wasn’t always an angel, Bryce was a total creep, Jessica had serious trouble coming to terms with what happened, and the school just straight messed up. It doesn’t just make it all better and give light to a bad situation.

Mental illness is different for everyone, and the show tackles one of the extreme cases of it while also showing the other things teens do deal with regularly

It can be too detailed at times, and while that can be good for people who need to learn about that kind of stuff, other people can seriously be triggered, and while there are warnings most people skip those or don’t listen.

It takes a stance on reality with no one ending up doing anything (for example Hannah and her rape) when a student steps up and asks for help.

People say that the acting is lame and unrealistic at times (like Clay seeing Hannah’s ghost or Tyler building up to school shooter) and that in turn ruined the show

While it’s a hard show to watch, it gives light to a reality that many people actually live

Hannah was a jerk for sending the tapes out and causing all of these issues. Especially not telling Jessica of the rape. It was a low move, no matter her motivation, and caused so many other issues that teens should not have to deal with

It doesn’t portray Hannah as the perfect victim, she had flaws and sometimes was a downright nasty person. For example, it was pretty low of her to send out those tapes, which only humanized her issues.

It was drawn out a little too long as well. The 13 episodes made sense, one for each tape but sometimes it just felt too drawn out and might have been better to be a two part movie.

It shows the aftermath of a suicide, the pain that it causes and in this case, the guilt that hannah made sure they felt. For whatever reasons she did send out tapes, we got a good view on the guilt and regret that people feel.

No one apparently learns in this series, which is pretty much how it goes on in life but you would think that at some point at least one person would stand up and say something. While it took to reality pretty well, are people really that stupid? One person takes their life, a second tries and the school and it’s students do nothing to prevent yet a third student from going of the deep end? At least one person would stand up.

It’s a huge slap in the face, which can be good for people who have no clue on these things. By showing the hard stuff it made you connect more to the character and gain a little more understanding. This kind of stuff appears in movies quite often and no one talks about it. In fact, it’s becoming normalized. By making such a shocking show, people begin to talk and therefore being to step up and actually do something about it.

The school! For a school that made a huge statement about being anti-bullying they sure made a huge deal of turning the other way. It’s understandable that Hannah was a fluke they weren’t paying any attention to, but the other kids? At some point a school is going to take some precautions for this, at the very least just to appease parents.

There are so many resources and behind the scenes as well the why behind making the show. They really take the time to talk about this issue, and the producers of the show actually take the time to care. No matter how you feel you can’t deny that they really seem to be putting in a lot to this show, and it’s because this matters to them.

It could be too dark at times, with pretty much every kid having issues and the school looking the other way and no one getting any punishment for any of this it’s just too much at times.

They did add even more warnings and suggestions to the second season as well, apparently listening to the complaints around them. While there is only so much a tv show can do, it’s nice that they made an effort to appease those who were unhappy.

They added in extra fluff in the second season trying to make Hannah seem more human and less loved. By pulling out the affair with Zach, it added a twist that never even fit. If that was true why would Hannah even include what she included on the tapes. Sure they were trying to add some happiness to Hannahs life, but it didn’t fit. Then they try and make Hannah to be a bully by throwing in that she bullied someone, for a week mind you and then it stopped. It just seemed out of place, and only added to further a story line that could of been shortened to begin with.

The show has both redeeming qualities and what the heck qualities. Where you can see a point to them making this, you can also see where all the complaints come from. However, I can’t fault the show for a lot of the complaints because half of them were because people continued to watch even after they were warned. I was taught growing up that I had to protect myself and keep my eyes off of things I shouldn’t be watching. As crazy as this sounds, and as mad as I was as a child, I learned to shut things out that were bad for me or would cause stress. As someone who has indeed suffered through the worst parts of depression, I headed warnings. When I felt like I wasn’t going to be able to make it through and I took breaks for my mental health.

This is not to say that all people should do this and just block things out, not everyone has the same mindset and not everyone heeds warnings the same way. But they are in-place, and they are there for good reasoning. So are we really right to get all mad because there was a warning telling us exactly how it was and we continue anyways? It’s kind of like someone saying, I am going to punch you so move, and you don’t move and get punched. Yeah, it was bad of the person to do that but we also had fair warning and had the time to move. Take it how you want, but a show like 13 Reason Why is going to be difficult, and it’s going to focus on the stuff no one wants to talk about. And while I agree they could of gotten the point across with less graphic scenes, I also see all the good being done because of this. Maybe what some needed was a huge shock to finally realize what an issue this is.

Okay, so then how do we know if we should watch this or if it’s bad. Because I feel like this is an in-between show. It’s intense, it can be too much, but can also do a lot of good. It does focus a lot on reality, and how stuff goes down in life. Especially amongst teens. I don’t know about you guys but I sure overreacted as a teen. I was over emotional, did things irrationally and took things way out of context. If something bad happened, it truly felt like the end and I had that burning fear if anyone ever found out the bad thing I did. It’s rough, and you’re really too young to handle normal crap let alone all the stuff these teens handled.

Honestly, the show can be a great learning tool. But like the show says, don’t watch if it’s going to affect you. And only you can know if it will. Or watch with an adult. kids shouldn’t watch this show either, and basically anyone under the age of 18 is going to have a hard time handling it. Even adults will have a hard time handling it. Also realize that this is not for entertainment. The purpose of the show is not to entertain you, and if that’s what you think it’s for or its what you get out of it’ you have missed the point.

Also remember that watching this show is not easy, just as it’s not for entertainment. It’s a learning experience, it was made to make a point. However badly it made that point. It’s a difficult show, so take precautions and listen to the warnings.

Do continue to warn people about the show, it needs all the warnings just as much as people need to realize this is a serious issue. Continue to talk about the show, share resources, talk to your friends and be there for people who need you. Be there for those who are suffering. And realize that while this is a huge issue it won’t be solved by a single show, it won’t be solved by telling everyone never to watch the show, it won’t be solved by people saying we need to watch the show. It will be solved by people realizing it’s an issue, by people stepping up and being there, by sharing these resources and by making it known that people with mental illness are not alone.

While the show can be an eye opener for some, terrible for others, it is just a show. And it has brought to light a discussion that needs to be continued and talked about. So no matter how you feel about this show, at least people are now realizing this is a huge issue and beginning to become bigger advocates of mental health and reaching out to those in need.

If you are someone in need, know that you are not alone. I’ve included several links for several resources for help and/or to talk. I am always open if you want to message me and talk about anything. I encourage any person suffering to find a parent or trusted adult/friend and talk things over. Talk to a health professional and just keep the discussion going.

If you know people in your life who is suffering, or have suffered reach out to them. Keep the discussion going, be there for them and make it known to them that they are not alone. Provide resources, never stop talking and just make it very clear that they are not alone. We can do so much with our voice alone.

And always remember to take care of ourselves both physically and mentally. While we need to talk and be there for friends/family that is also not at the expense of our own health. As much as this needs to be talked about, we must always remember not to drain ourselves and always take care of ourselves as well.


American Association of Suicidology
American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Depression Help – Recommendations
Families for Depression Awareness
Mental Health Facility Locator
National Institute of Mental Health
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-TALK (8255)
PA.GOV – Suicide Prevention and Awareness Information
Pennsylvania Adult/Older Adult Suicide Prevention Coalition
Pennsylvania Department of Human Services A – Z Directory of Services
Pennsylvania Youth Suicide Prevention Initiative
Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
The Jason Foundation forYouth Suicide Prevention
World Health Organization

To my ex best friend

I’m not going to waste anytime here  with meaningless words

It’s been so long anyways, what good are words?

I know that theres nothing left to be said

And nothing left to be done

But honestly, it still hurts

We used to be so close, and suddenly we weren’t

I can scarcely remember now, it’s been so many years

But I remember that feeling, of a true and wonderful friend

Of all the times we had, and all the things we did

I wasn’t perfect, I was just a kid

And you weren’t perfect, you were just a kid

If I could go back, I would change it all

I’m not so sure you’d do the same

But I still care, and I still miss you

I long for those times back, I long for the “good ‘ol days”

Silly me thinks that we can go back

Maybe with some talking, maybe with some time

But apologies mean nothing, and moving on is hard to do

Talking is so easy though, if only one just tries

But hold the grudge, it’s a seemingly simple thing to do

People grow, people change

But that doesn’t mean it’s alright

But what you never realized was, I got hurt too

You see, I was young and hurt and alone

I didn’t know what to do, and I saw how things were

And how they were going to be

So I acted, and I was rash

But apologies mean nothing, meaningless words on my lips

I can’t even say I still miss you

And I’m too scared to reach out

How many times can a person try, before it becomes redundant

All I can do is sit here, longing for the past

A past that’s all but lost

A past that was perfection

Move on, move forward

So easy yet so hard

Now I’ve wasted time with meaningless words

And I fear it’s forever too late

I still care, I always will

You’ll forever remain my best friend

And I can only hope for the best from here on out

So to my ex best friend;

I miss you, I’m sorry

Maybe someday it can be better


The importance of breathing in yoga

Honestly, I get this question a lot, way more often then you’d think. And even from people who have been doing yoga for ages. “Why is the breath important?” Or some variation of this question. Like, “you give a lot of breath cues, it takes away from the flow.” Or “Do you need to say every inhale and exhale?” Which I mean, no I really don’t need to say to inhale to table top or exhale to sit. But the breath cues play a huge role in the practice and yes I really do need those inhales and exhales for twists and other postures that you don’t just dump yourself into.

So why is it that the breathing is such an important role in your yoga practice? And while I was taught in a very active from of yoga that requires breathing cues the entire time, it’s still a key element to every practice. Look up any well loved, and respectable, yoga instructor on youtube. They take a few minutes at least to chill out before practice and come to your breath and honestly its for good reason too.

Okay so let’s break this down then. First off the very definition of yoga is literally postures to breath. A form of active meditation, and honestly the postures are just a tiny bit of the yoga. A huge part of yoga is actually the breath work, meditation and all in all a good mind set and solid focus. It’s main goal is to bring in relaxation and meditation, maybe calming someone after a stressful day or bringing the focus that they need.

  1. a Hindu spiritual and ascetic discipline, a part of which, including breath control, simple meditation, and the adoption of specific bodily postures, is widely practiced for health and relaxation.

I mean, the google definition of yoga is literally just that. Breath control, its a discipline for specific purposes. The thing is, breath is the LEAST talked about in a yoga practice. Like sure, we do little breath warm ups before we start, take some time coming to a good solid (deep) breath that will guide through the postures. But we don’t talk about it. And honestly that’s something that should be talked about, but when people come for a class that is 45, 55 or even 60 minutes long they don’t want time wasted talking about the breath. Because all in all, it’s not what matters to them and it’s not why they came. But it’s something that is huge, major, so important so we should at least mention why we do the breath and not just guide people through it hoping for the best or hoping that it somehow sticks.

Okay, so we know the definition, we know that technically it’s super important and huge, but why is it that way? Why is our breath the key?

First off, it does help your practice. Like a lot. Focusing on the breath can bring in a sense of peace and calm and really bring a person to that meditation mindset. Which sounds so cheesy, but honestly the best practices that I have had are the ones where I focus on my breathing and get into that mind set and just let everything else go. It’s empowering, and just really ties a practice together.

Second, it takes the focus off what you’re doing vs what you need. So instead of focusing on the posture that you need to hold for a frustratingly long time, you breathe. And while it’s still not a simple task to chill out in side plank you can at least breathe through it and in turn strengthen yourself in the long run.

Third, strength. You could hold your breath during your side plank, but then your muscles are kind of just chilling out super tight. But if you add in the breath work, it’s just that. Work. Your muscles end up doing even more work, and while it doesn’t actually seem like it you can see results. I have had so many great side planks when I just remember to breathe it out.

Fourth, it actually makes postures easier. GASP! I know that this kind of ties in with the second point, but have you ever done crow pose and just couldn’t do it? Yeah, same. I struggled with it so much. Or a headstand? Yeah those too. But once I learned to breath my way through it (also ENGAGE those abdominal muscles) then I found my balance to be much better and more steady. I am a pro at crow now, and while it took a ton of work to get there my breath work certainly helped me a lot.

Fifth, it literally matches flowing or vinyasa yoga perfectly. Each breath you take you do a pose. Inhale rise, exhale fold etc. It makes the practice flow quite beautifully, and while the constant reminder to breath during your practice seems tedious and quite annoying there is a point to it. Trust me, yoga teachers aren’t just saying it for kicks. If you’re into vinyasa style yoga then you need to have the breath, otherwise your just moving around on a mat.

All in all, breath plays a huge role in yoga. If you’re simply just looking for a workout that is fine, yoga can provide that as well. Breathing can help make it more intense for you though. But if you’re looking to expand in your yoga practice then work on the breath. Explore the different options that are out there and find the best one for your practice. It will make all the difference.