Shopping Second hand; the perks

I feel as though there are only two views on second hand shopping, you either love it or you would NEVER buy anything used EVER. I mean, there are some in-betweens as well, but if you mention a trip to you local goodwill people will generally react one of those two ways. I grew up in a family of hand me downs and many trips to the goodwill. It was never weird for me to buy something from there. You could find a lot of great things. Sure, somethings I would never touch with a 10 foot pole (like underwear, sheets, or swimming suits for example) but you can still find a lot of great things.

Most of the jeans that I’ve found, and loved the most, have been at a second hand store. If you hit the right store you can find name brand jeans that are still really nice. The extra plus is that they are already worn out and in their super soft comfy jean phase as well. You can also find a ton of brand new name brand clothing items with tags still on, especially around Christmas time. Often times, people just donate things instead of bothering to return them. Which I can’t blame them because it is  easier just to box stuff up and drop it off.

There are so many myths with second hand shopping though, and I’ve met a lot of people that certainly think it’s sub-par to wear something already used. But really, there are so many great things about thrift shopping there isn’t really a downside to it.

Most thrift shops support a charity, or are a charity. Tons of people volunteer, especially at local thrift shops, and the shop itself works toward helping a part of the community or raising money for something. We have thrift shop in the areas that focus solely on providing homes for people who need them, and having a place for them to stay to get back on their feet. And they do this entirely from donations and their thrift shop. It’s amazing.

Buying used clothes can also greatly impact the environment as well. Now days, thing weren’t really built to last. Especially at super high end brands. We live in a throw away society, fast fashion is in and we solely rely on it. We buy, barely use and then move onto the next thing. If you buy used clothing, you can quit supporting the world of fast fashion and still find perfectly good (practically brand new) items. You can also find out which fashion items will last longer. If you find a used item and it still looks amazing you know it was built to last. Too many times had I bought something new and within the year it as frayed or ruined.

Also, it is miles cheaper to buy used. Not only can you find brand new, or hardly worn items, you can find them at a fraction of the cost. And there really isn’t any end to what you can find at a second hand store. If having to clean something doesn’t put you off, then second hand stores are amazing.

A lot of people thing that if you shop second hand though, it’s dirty and disgusting. And while it’s true you need to wash the clothes before you wear them they really aren’t that bad. I’ve been in shops that are so clean I’d honestly wear the clothes without a wash. I don’t however, I wash it all anyways. But a lot of shops take pride in what they look like and make an effort to have the place sparkling. Just wash things before you wear or use and you should be fine. If it can’t be cleaned by a simple wash then I doubt the shop will be selling it. Also, bleach wipes and sprays are literally our best friend here for things traditionally not washed.

Honestly though, it’s just a personal choice. Helping get rid of the wasteful fashion society is not a bad thing though. And you save so much just buying gently used items. As we began to focus more on saving and building up our family, it’s even more important to save where we can. Just the other day we went to a goodwill and found some really great pants. I am not kind to pants, and I can not afford to replace my jeans with every bleach spill. Even if they are on a buy one get one half off. But for 5$ a pair of pants, I was able to get a couple pairs and we spent less than 20$.

If anything, just finding things like books or movies is also super great. People donate those things like crazy and you can get whole series for cheap. Most of our movies came second hand, from a thrift store or used gaming store or something. Its amazing, they’re usually in mint condition and I have spent loads less than I would buying them new.

If you love thrifting like I do, give this post a like. Comment your favorite places or favorite finds. If you haven’t yet discovered the joy of thrifting, give it a shot. At the very least browse the selection and see if there is anything you could save a little bit on. Also pro tip, thrifting is great for finding awesome costumes or cosplays. Save some $$$ and make it to your favorite convention in style.

6 things that bothered my about Gilmore Girls

We have all seen the videos on youtube. Things Gilmore Girls fans missed, things that the directors messed up, things that were wrong with Gilmore Girls etc. But this is going to be a little bit different. With such a popular show, there were bound to be some things added in to up the views or appeal to a large group of people. And when that happens people basically end up guessing what people would most like to see and even with a show as popular as Gilmore Girls, there were still a few things that just made everyone seriously question the writers. This list will be entirely biased, just off things that seriously confused or annoyed me. Other people may or may not be bothered by these things, these are just the things that made no sense to me or bothered me about the show. I do welcome varying opinions, just remember to keep it kind in the comments. Everyone views things differently and what bothers me may not bother you. Without any further ado, lets dive into the top things that bothered me about Gilmore Girls. (also please note this is solely on the original series and not the revival, we don’t talk about the revival.)

1.) Lorelai’s independence: C7HdyuoW4AEV43Othe reason that we love Lorelia so much is because she is a strong character, who is able to hold their own. But sometimes her independence was taken a little too far. In the very first episode we clearly see that, while she had issues with it, she borrows money from her parents. But later on she can’t even take a loan from Luke, who made it very clear she would have to pay him back. I get that she was wanting to do things on her own, and make her own way but when you’re stuck in a situation like needing to exterminate termites and have been shut down by every bank in a 50 mile radius then I think it’s time to accept some help. At the very least, she could of acted less of a brat when she had her mom co-sign the loan with her. Co-signing isn’t a bad thing, and it takes years to build credit good enough to take a loan out without a co-signer. There was no need for all that to be drug out, and no need for Lorelai to be kicking and screaming that she was a grown woman. And her pride was the downfall in many episodes. Independence is great, but learn to be humble about it as well. Everyone needs help and it’s not a bad thing.

2.) Bowing down to the Gilmore’s: i-had-a-gilmore-girls-revelation-that-may-disappoint-my-fellow-feministsOkay I get it, Rory loves her grandparents and she doesn’t want to hurt them. Lorelai has rebelled in her own way. But no one can seem to tell the Gilmore’s what’s up? Like come on, that was truly cringe worthy. Every time anything happened between them neither of those girls could just tell Emily what was really going on. When Rory was going to college and Emily was bitter Lorelai didn’t come to dinner so she held Rory hostage I wanted to scream. Literally. So Lorelai comes up, then has a screaming match with her mother about how she couldn’t come and all it would of taken on either those girls part was for someone to say “Hey Emily, I wrote the date down wrong, I thought I was moving into Yale NEXT Saturday so we had no time to buy all my college stuff so that’s what Lorelai was out doing.” Like I know that Emily would still be Emily BUT if instead of trying to hide everything all the time they could just tell her how it is.  Who knows, in the end it might be better for all of them. And yeah, it added the drama factor but a lot of it just seemed too much at times. So they end up in this huge fight and not once do they just admit that they messed up the move in date.

3.) Lukes Daughter: 3099f8c8e3e03d14c1c915c4f84e33ceOkay, can I just say, what the HECK were they thinking. And this happened while Amy was still on the show so it’s not like you can pass this off as a “new writers” mistake. Nope. Everyone I know, and I mean EVERYONE, hated this plot line. If they were trying to mix things up and add drama, they did. But in the process they ruined one of the best love interests on the show. I was never particularly found of Luke and Lorelai (I personally always thought Lorelai should just be with Christopher) but they certainly deserved better than that. Like my goodness. Luke makes it so clear to Lorelai that he is ALL in, then 2 seconds later turns around and acts like this new plot twist changes things. The only reason that they threw that in was because they just couldn’t leave someone in love too long on the show. Like heaven forbid Someone actually finds a man.

4.) Lorelai and love: blogs-aisle-say-gilmore-girls-weddingThis really ties in a ton, like a TON but it’s not as bad as Rory and her loves. Which will be a whole point in itself. We will mainly focus on Lorelai and marriage. Lorelai never felt terribly about marriage, pretty sure she loved the idea. She ran off and married Christopher pretty fast in Paris. She had ended things with Luke and Max for VERY good reasons as well. She wasn’t with Chris at the time because she was 16. I mean these are valid reasonings. But then END it, don’t taunt people with it. Max leaves, then suddenly reappears right around Rory and her graduation time. Lorelai made it obvious she wasn’t in love. The whole story of Emily trying on her wedding gown every night really hit home, especially when Lorelai realized she wasn’t really into it like that and that it was important to be really into it. So, end it. Don’t bring Max back and have Lorelai be like “but I did love you.” because she didn’t. I’m cool if they wanna end relationships with good reasoning and good wrap ups. But to drag them out is insane. And to go back between “I love you, I don’t, no wait I do.” Is redundant, and quite frankly insane for a woman over 30. It felt as though the writers just couldn’t allow for Lorelai to settle down, and always had to keep her up and moving through the men. It was quite frankly, a little depressing.

5.) Rory’s love life:landscape-1468838989-gilmore-girls So Rory sort of took the exact opposite as her mom, but also took the same route as her mom. If that is even possible. She was a boyfriend girl, she just needed to have a solid relationship. Which is fine, plenty of girls tend to be in a relationship vs dating. But Rory also couldn’t get out of the repeat rut herself. She freaking destroyed a marriage because she felt like she had some claim on Dean. Rory is somehow painted to be this super smart girl, with independence and who will not let anyone stomp on her independence. So we were supposed to believe that she would drop it all and bed the first guy who batted his eyes, even knowing that he has a wife. Also, in an interview Alexis herself said that this was way out of character for Rory and she was shocked when she read the script. On top of all that, she was trash talking Lindsey like mad all over town. Like hello, when did Rory go through the evil b*tch phase? Then, when she finally does figure out her love life, she drops it the minute marriage is mentioned, with no job prospects, no idea what she wants to do in her life and she can’t say yes because career? Uh yeah, okay Rory. Her rejection of Logan has always bothered me from the minute I finished the series. I get that the writers wanted to portray that strong female lead who didn’t need a man but she loved Logan, and it wasn’t as though he was saying let’s elope. He was saying let’s get engaged, let’s move and find jobs and then focus on the future. She literally could of been engaged for a few years if getting married young scared her that much. But Rory always viewed marriage as an end of the rode type thing, which is another point, and that it was ONLY an option once everything else in life fell into place. I think she could of considered it longer, or more seriously and come up with a better reason than “well, career” when she had no career and no options. Call me shallow but if the guy I was madly in love with offered me my dream job and dream life, I would seriously consider that. And if she truly felt as though she wasn’t ready, maybe make that more of point instead of making it seem like her non-existent career was the end all be all. Like no one would of looked down on Rory for getting a job in Cali with Logan. But again, it just felt as though the writers HAD to avoid any sort of settling down or happy ending with their love interests.

6.) The views on marriage: Matt-Czuchry-alexis-bledel-proposal-lgOkay, last point. But this one really bugged me ever since season 3. When Dean was super excited about marrying Lindsey and Rory basically called him an idiot in the streets because he wanted to get married. Their age didn’t put me off the wedding idea, they hadn’t been together super long so if anything that should of been a point and not their age at all. And it wasn’t any of Rory’s business, if it was a concern than either of their parents would of said something. Granted that marriage was a bomb, super rushed and they didn’t know each other that long but it failed because A.) they really didn’t know each other that long, Dean rushed it even when he still loved Rory and B.) Dean was a cheater cheater. Many factors went into that failed marriage and it wasn’t their age. Rory then goes on to practically yell at Lane over her mom sending Dave the marriage jug, telling her she is way too young to get married. Like just the thought of marriage made Rory’s skin crawl so badly. Like okay, is this really something you need to freak out about. A lot of factors go into marriage, and while I seriously do not recommend marrying right at 18, if you know the person well enough and you can make it work and realize that marriage is work then it’s up to you (and sometimes your parents) to decide. We strive so hard to normalize being married over the age of 35, because there is no ‘right’ age for marriage but then it’s normalized to turn around and shame those who did marry young. The show really tried to hard here to be the trendy, independent women show and they could of easily made Rory and her concerns more low key and maybe not about age. Maybe something like “Dean, you haven’t been with Lindsey that long, you’re just going to want to make sure that you guys can really work thought and deal with all that marriage has to offer.” instead of her freaking out and saying he is an idiot. And I mean, getting married right after high school is a little crazy, I can not deny that but I do feel that the only reason that was thrown in was to show how against marriage Rory was. If you get married at 20 or even at 40 it’s fine. If you hate marriage, again it’s fine. But the way the whole thing was portrayed really felt more like marriage shaming than an actual view on the matter. Her actual rejection didn’t make me mad so much as the her pathetic reasoning.

Basically a lot of the show really focused on making sure that Rory and Lorelai stayed those single independent girls, always fighting for themselves and being the best women they could be. Which is great, I mean after all isn’t this why we all love the show to begin with? But in life, people make mistakes and do silly things. People fall in love, people do get married. People speak up against those who wrong them, or at least just tell the dang truth once in a while. And while a lot of the show seemed realistic, at least for a show based on a mother/daughter best friend duo, some of the show just seemed like it tried too hard to make sure that they stayed powerful and single. gilmore-girlsWhile trying so hard to make it clear that they only needed themselves, they shoved aside any other valid help, or true relationships in their life simply because they couldn’t see past the whole independent woman lifestyle. But tv shows are based on the drama, and as annoying as these plot lines were, we probably wouldn’t want to watch the show if both girls had no problems and found a happily ever after. Though personally, I’m still bitter how season 7 ended and would of much preferred Amy’s plan to have Rory become pregnant than her rejecting Logan in such a brutal manor. In the end though we can’t help but fall in love with the Rory/Lorelai duo and wish desperately that we were all this close to our mothers.

Assassins Creed Origins Review

I have been a huge fan of Assassins creed for a long time now. For a few years now, and I have enjoyed pretty much any game that I have played. I haven’t played all of them, but what I have played I have loved. The release of Origins was greatly anticipated, and it definitely did not disappoint. aco_hr_dlc02_wide_final_v02_web_320387

The game play is amazing, very smooth and by far the best character playability out of all the games. The character is a lot smoother, and a lot of the bugs that happened with the old games are pretty much non-existent. It still has some quirks, which I think every assassins creed game is going to have that, but the character playability is amazing and smooth and it’s really getting up there now in terms of a great video game.

The storyline is also really, really good. They basically tie everything all in together and explain the birth of the assassins. Hence the name, origins. They tie the whole story line from the animus (not sure on spelling with that to be honest.) and tie it back into ancient Egypt. I don’t want to get too much into it and ruin the game play, this is essentially just what is already going around or well known from the game play.assassins-creed-origins-review-153-1500x844 At points in time you get to explore some ancient tombs and you get even more information on the assassins and kind of how it ties into Origins and other games as well. The story line has always confused me a little bit, but this really tied things together as well. Another thing that helped me to understand the world better was the movie. Let me know if you want a review of the movie, but that is for another blog post so if you want it let me know. cfe64be6-7da3-42a7-a22d-19851dcf5011

The main story is fairly easy to get through, while still providing hours of game play with that alone. But the side quests and other side things you can do are very expansive, and come with hours upon hours of things to do. I don’t think I will ever 100% finish this game, which is great because that means you can come back and pick up where you left off whenever you want. You can play as much as you want and it seemingly never ends.

A nice touch to the game was being able to pet the cats. Which you can in fact do, I have done it. You just need to be patient. Crouch down by a cat, wait until it comes to you and Bayek will eventually begin to pet them.

Also the scenery and setting of the game is BEAUTIFUL, so that alone is amazing. Climbing the side of a pyramid and looking out over the expanse of Egypt is just too cool. And they really got the scenery right, I was looking up pictures of these places and they got them pretty much spot on. The history that goes into this is also amazing, as always. They tie in actual history events and make it seem plausible. That is my favorite part of this game.

To top it all off, they also have this extra walkthrough bonus content where you can play any character and walk through Egypt learning about the different locations/people. That would be an amazing tool for classrooms to teach history in a fun and sort of hands on way. By far this is one of the best assassins creed games, if not the very best. aco_totg_315526

I highly recommend this game. For lovers of the series, for anyone wanting to try out assassins creed. It’s a good game to start on because it is so easy to control. If you ever tried one of these games and hated it because of the game play try this one out, it is much better. This game definitely redeems the series, and while I loved the other games a ton, this game was just really amazing.

Homemade toothpaste

This is super simple, my favorite recipe too and it is so easy to make. Only 2 ingredients. 3 if you want oils.


1 cup coconut oil

baking soda to texture (don’t add too much we don’t want it too abrasive)

Oil to taste- we used peppermint and the panaway oil from YL because it has mint and clove.

And bam, tooth paste that works!



Homemade Deodorant-Actually works!

When deciding to be more conscious about the waste that we made I began to switch to natural deodorant. I first tried the lush kind, and while I loved it, the bar just could not handle my lifestyle and it broke apart. It also stung when I used it right after shaving (by right after I mean within like 24-48 hours) and I wasn’t enjoying that. So I looked up a recipe and made my own.

I literally saw this on like facebook or something so I have no idea who to credit, but we made this and tried it and it is amazing. We don’t smell at all and it smells really good.

DIYDeodorant_604 (1).png

Add essential oil of choice, but we did Eucalyptus as it helps to fight germs/bacteria and it smells amazing. Any oil will work though.

My husband even uses it and he really likes it and it works for him all day long. Just remember to wash pretty well as it is oil. just don’t confuse it with your toothpaste, it won’t do any harm but it won’t taste quite as good.

Pokemon Green Version Review

Okay we have all played Pokemon, or heard of it, seen it-something. Pokemon is that super well known large fan base fandom that we all either love, don’t understand or hate. But did you know that while Japan had Pokemon Green the US only had Red and Blue. So someone had taken it upon themselves to hack the Green version into english for us and the results are actually pretty awesome. Screen Shot 2018-03-22 at 4.16.54 PM

The Green version takes what you love from the classic games, and just makes them slightly more…hilarious. I’ve been streaming some of this game recently and let me tell you I have been having some huge laughs. I have so far in the game picked Shado (Charmander) as my starter, caught a Bobo (Pidgey), Bicac (Pickachu) and Puddi (Jigglypuff). I have been taught and guided my the amazing professor Aochider (Prof. Oak) and have not understood a single word anyone in the game has said because they say things in very fragmented english as though google translate suddenly decided that it was going to make a game.

Upon further search though, this does not seem to be a common hack that people know of. In fact there seems to be a more improved hacked matching right alongside red and blue version. So this Green version hack, as crazy as it appears and as unknown it may be, is definitely a trip. A treat, a good bunch of laughs and everything in between. If you are wanting this for yourself you might be able to buy this particular hack in a cartridge form or you can download an emulator for your computer and search through some sites with game downloads. Make sure to google which ones are best as it varies with what type of operating system you have. Screen Shot 2018-03-22 at 4.17.59 PM

So onto the gameplay. It’s odd, the english is hilarious, but essentially it’s classic Pokemon with a twist. I recommend being someone who has the original games memorized before playing this as it can be very confusing and weird. It certainly is worth a play through, and I have a good time laughing about it. It may not be up there with the originals but it’s enjoyable.

If you’re simply looking to add to your Pokemon collection I just recommend looking for the legit hack that is in proper english in cartridge form. I mean this is cool as well, but it’s not really as official and can be very off-putting due to lack of proper english or pronounceable names.

But it’s all in good fun and great for a laugh.

Screen Shot 2018-03-22 at 4.18.20 PM.png

Blog Changes

I really want to keep up a blog, it’s something that I have been wanting to do for a while and yet never have seem to settle on one blog. Honestly I’ve gone through several. Book blogs, Christian blogs, lifestyle blogs. Each topic I am passionate about. But I can never seem to keep up a blog solely on a single topic. I thought this time around I would be able to track my journey of trying to eat more plants. I thought with the added bonus of yoga, zero waste, essential oils and other similar topics it would be a breeze. But honestly, there is just not that much to talk about. Once I played out my entire life and journey and what I am trying to accomplish I was at a road block. I promised posts and they just didn’t happen.

Now I don’t blog to gain followers, or likes or anything. I blog because I love to write and I love to talk about things. Mainly a blog is a good way to connect with others with similar interests and things like that. As much as I would like to keep this a singular blog, I honestly just can’t.

Now I’m not saying that I am going to delete my whole blog and leave people hanging. I’m just saying that I want to expand. I want more in my blog. I want to be able to talk about what I want without feeling as though I need to fit into some standard that I had initially set up for myself. I don’t want to be tied down but a singular topic that I had decided I needed to blog about. So I am expanding. Instead of being a solely vegan blog, or solely yoga, zero waste etc I want to just expand to a basic lifestyle blog.

So in this blog, I will be talking about-well- my life. I read a lot, I do photography, I love cats, I try my best to make it to church every sunday and read my bible. I game- a lot- all types of game. I love board games, I love books, heck I even love to review a good book. I’m married, I rent an apartment. I’m from Iowa, best known for cows and corn. And I love meeting new people and chatting about similar things. So that’s what I want this blog to reflect. My loves, my life, events and just all in general lifestyle things.

I will fully understand if this change seems sudden, or too much. I’m not going to take it personally if I get a few unfollows for this. Like I said I’m not doing this to gain followers or anything. It’s just nice to write things out. So if the new variety is not what you signed up for when you followed this blog that’s okay. People change, blogs change, social medias change. When I first started twitter it was because facebook was blocked at my high school. Then when I got to college I was huge into Buffy and followed 50+ million accounts dedicated to Buffy. Then it was books, and reviews, then plant eating things, zero waste and now games. I’ve come to realize that tying to limit myself to just one thing I like is impossible.

So, I’m going to update my blog. The name, maybe layout, header photo and web address (if I can). But it will still be me, still the same quirky (or really bad) blog posts. It’s just going to expand, be a little more broad and talk about real things in my life. I will not delete old posts. I will just add on. Book reviews, real life chats and struggles, favorite games, my experiences streaming and game happenings, photography, things that hit home with my christian life, encouragement and general items like that. Also obsessive cat posts because cats are the bomb.

So just giving everyone a heads up, that I will be transitioning to a lifestyle blog and not just a veganish blog. If you guys stay on board for this process I will seriously love you. If it’s not your cup of tea, I will still seriously love you.

If there is anything you guys want to hear about as well, just hit me up and let me know. I am by no means an expert on anything but I do have a lot of things that happen in my life and know a thing or two about general life stuff. Thank you for all your patience as I try and figure out who I am in blog form.