To my ex best friend

I’m not going to waste anytime here ¬†with meaningless words

It’s been so long anyways, what good are words?

I know that theres nothing left to be said

And nothing left to be done

But honestly, it still hurts

We used to be so close, and suddenly we weren’t

I can scarcely remember now, it’s been so many years

But I remember that feeling, of a true and wonderful friend

Of all the times we had, and all the things we did

I wasn’t perfect, I was just a kid

And you weren’t perfect, you were just a kid

If I could go back, I would change it all

I’m not so sure you’d do the same

But I still care, and I still miss you

I long for those times back, I long for the “good ‘ol days”

Silly me thinks that we can go back

Maybe with some talking, maybe with some time

But apologies mean nothing, and moving on is hard to do

Talking is so easy though, if only one just tries

But hold the grudge, it’s a seemingly simple thing to do

People grow, people change

But that doesn’t mean it’s alright

But what you never realized was, I got hurt too

You see, I was young and hurt and alone

I didn’t know what to do, and I saw how things were

And how they were going to be

So I acted, and I was rash

But apologies mean nothing, meaningless words on my lips

I can’t even say I still miss you

And I’m too scared to reach out

How many times can a person try, before it becomes redundant

All I can do is sit here, longing for the past

A past that’s all but lost

A past that was perfection

Move on, move forward

So easy yet so hard

Now I’ve wasted time with meaningless words

And I fear it’s forever too late

I still care, I always will

You’ll forever remain my best friend

And I can only hope for the best from here on out

So to my ex best friend;

I miss you, I’m sorry

Maybe someday it can be better


To the brother who never visits

To the brother who never visits

To the one who never even texts back

The one who never comes to Sunday dinner

And the one who hardly comes for holidays

Your family doesn’t even know you

We growing up, growing old

And you aren’t even here to see that

Your nephew is growing up fast, and he doesn’t know his uncle

Our mom is hurt she never sees her son, though she wouldn’t dare admit that

You only hang out when you feel like it, and you aren’t even the same person anymore

And your wife, doesn’t even like us, yet you can’t seem to see that

Goodness knows if you did, you’d never even tell her off

You always go to her family for holidays

Forgetting about your own

Like we aren’t good enough, like we mean nothing to you

You don’t get that we miss you, that we want to see you

But one day, it won’t even matter anymore

Because we will have grown up and moved on

Soon your nephew won’t be little anymore, and you will have missed his life

Soon, you will have more than just the one nephew but you will have missed their life too

So all those texts that you ignore, the family you never visit

Soon we won’t be around anymore

And while it hurts us

It’s going to hurt you more

We know your marriage is important

But marriage also isn’t at the expense of your own family

Marriage doesn’t mean you blow your family off

And it doesn’t mean you ignore us

Because families talk

Siblings hang

And we act like we care about each other

So remember us then next time we text

The next time we ask to hang and you refuse

The next Thanksgiving that you promise to show up at, but never actually come to

Because we won’t be here forever, but we’ll wait as long as we can