How would I describe here? Online? I always seem to have some trouble with this. I am a person with a multitude of interests. I read, pretty much anything and everything. I’m a very serious book nerd if I need a word to describe this aspect of my life.

I am a photographer, setting up my own photography and design business with my husband. He does the design and I do the photos. It’s a passion, I love it. Hand me a camera and I am in my happy place.

Video games are genius, I’ve been playing them since I can remember. Pokemon was my gateway and soon after I fell in love. GTA online is currently my kryptonite.

I teach yoga, with my RYT 200 certificate. I love yoga, it has helped me discover a way to deal with chronic pain in my life.

I live happily with my husband and cats, enjoying life one day at a time. I am a Christian and try to live my life accordingly, however imperfectly I do so.

Theres so much to me, theres not really a great to explain myself. Hence, I blog about it.