Tattoos I really wanted and decided against

So, it takes me months to decide on a tattoo and sometimes even months more before I come up with an actual design and love it and then want it. So while I have talked about MANY MANY MANY tattoos that I would love to get, I only have the 3 so far. So lets dive into this world of crazy young tattoo ideas that I wanted and decided (thankfully for some) against.

2879d72e143b46e877a69bfe142f2fa21.) Deathly Hallows symbol: So I went through a huge Harry Potter fan phase, as in I NEEDED a Harry Potter tattoo and me and my friend seriously discussed getting the deathly hallows symbol as matching tattoos. After some time though, while I realized I love Harry Potter I realized I didn’t want it on my body permanently and it was just too common to have it be an original tattoo because so many people get it. This was when I realized I only wanted something with a huge meaning on my by body and I told my friend this regrettably but I still stand by my decision.

8e76fe57c40b21e75db3d471ac89dbf62.) Hogwarts outline: This is the same as the deathly hallows but with the skyline of Hogwarts. Same rules apply, I just didn’t want that permanently. I really love the idea and design but I can’t commit to it. While I do still really want this one I have decided to retire ever seriously considering it. It’s just not worth it. It doesn’t have a deep enough meaning.

5394bf048c9fd2afae4327a1a6b544903.) Captian America shield: I have a huge geek streak, clearly. But at some point I sifted through all Captain America tattoos ideas on Pinterest seriously considering getting something like that immortalized on my body. And as much as I wanted it, I could not find inspiration for it and come up with a design I really loved. So I gave up on it, because if I don’t love it then I won’t get it.

4.) Iron spider man suit profile(this is the only design that I had designed for me after inspiration from another piece of artwork): This is one of the ones that I got farthest in getting. My husband helps me to design the tattoos that I want to get and he spent a long time piecing this one together. We took inspiration from a drawing we found on pinterest and made it to look like the iron spider-man suit. Miles shared a sketch with youI really loved this design and was super interested in getting it. But I had some doubts and my husband didn’t really like the tattoo a whole lot. While I firmly believe that our choices are our own, I respect my husband and I still wasn’t 100% sold one this idea for a tattoo. It just didn’t have enough meaning for me and to be quite honest I didn’t like it fully colored in, I would prefer it in a water color style and that style has a lot of issues in itself anyways.

2590c59ab02bf0b177c49055fa346c1e5.) Ravenclaw bird: I found a design that I loved on Pinterest, way back in college. This was back when I just really wanted a tattoo and loved the idea so I spent all my time looking up tattoos that I wanted. While this design was beautiful and could be re-worked to fit me and my personal style, I just lost my passion for having it. While I would still love a Ravenclaw tattoo (maybe something a little more discreet though like just the eagle and nothing that can really tie Harry Potter into it) I had wanted that one on my back and the tattoo that I am going to get next has kicked that one to the curb as far as placement. More to come on the next tattoo.

ee620816a4ce968f5fea7902421adf4e6.) Eye of Agamotto: In my phase of wanting a geek tattoo (thanks marvel for this mass release of movies that fueled my passion) this one popped up. While I may not have seriously considered getting this as much as the others, it was something that for a short time I really did want. The design was cool, and with the right concept and skill (plus style) this could really turn out to be amazing.
02d1ba463054f3f01020450d977bfc357.) A little camera: I have always loved those little line work camera tattoos, usually something that that is all connected like those shapes you make without lifting the pencil. As a photographer, this is something super meaningful to me. However, I decided to get other tattoos instead, and while I might go back to this one later on I have just put this on hold for a little while. I need to find a design that is uniquely me and means a lot to me vs finding something online. I also don’t believe in just coping a design from Pinterest out right, I just use my Pinterest tattoo board as inspiration and design stuff off of that.

40bd6092ac63494da6ba8a3de6a1aa2c8.) Evenstar: Calling all Lord of the Rings fans!! This was like the first one I really got attached to and hardcore wanted. I love Lord of the Rings and thought that this would be a subtle way to commemorate it. I thought about getting this one on my wrist but at the time I was in college and this was just wishful thinking. I don’t hate this but now that I am older I will reconsider making it permanent.

0c45621fc5b48188072c9f771058f0d19.) Game of thrones dragon: After game of thrones came out I wanted that typical Targaryen dragon. I still love the idea but I realized that this tattoo would be a little bit more difficult. The color ones wouldn’t last, but the black ones might be too bold. And then there is no way to get this as a small tattoo because the detail is too great. It’s a huge commitment and while a dragon would be cool it just doesn’t mean enough to me to get it.

93a9ddf85527a060cff587a76368b30110) JSS: After watching the Walking Dead episode where Carls girlfriend gives him the note JSS which we later learn means Just Survive Somehow. This really resonated with me because as someone who struggled with depression for many years it was a nice reminder that even though things are rock bottom we survive. I was apprehensive to get this because it’s just out there as far as tattoos and I would get it on my wrist so a lot of people would be talking. This is one that actually means a lot to me, and while The Walking Dead really sucks now this was a really cool part of the show and a really good reminder. This is probably the only tattoo on this list that I will eventually get though, but for now it’s on hold.

ac28fb4187171de72903a241c62a853711.) Cross: For the longest time I wanted a cross, with a bible verse that meant a lot. I simply could not find (or make) a design that I even liked so I just gave up on this one. Maybe at a later date I will find something but for now I have other tattoos that mean just as much to me and even though I am a tattooed christian I don’t HAVE to have a cross, there are other symbolism out there.

1a23f00e15f61eb6ad6c68f42b7cd04112.) Turtle: I love turtles. They are the greatest animal ever. And for the longest time I wanted a tattoo to immortalize that love. But again, I couldn’t come up with something that I love. And after years of getting NOTHING but turtle stuff (as well as TMNT stuff-because I’m 12 not 24 apparently) I got a little tired of all of that. Sure I still gasp and freak out when I see a turtle but I don’t want to carry on the obsession any longer.

I hadn’t realized how many there were until I listed them. Dang, I really love tattoos and am slightly obsessed. However, I take a certain amount of caution with tattoos because they are permanent. I never want to pay for laser or try cover ups so I want the designs I pick to be meaningful and really good. I may be over cautious, but I feel like for me personally I need to be. Otherwise I would be walking around with Captain Americas shield on my chest or something.


All images used to portray tattoos are inspiration and not a final design (except for Iron Spidey) for what I was wanting. Tattoo copying is dishonest when it comes to original designs (not for things like deathly hallows, infinity symbols etc that are already designed and mass produced) so just know that if I had gotten these I would have made them my own. 


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