My First Time blog tag

I don’t think I have ever done a tag on this blog, but I saw this on Jenny’s blog Jenny in Neverland and I just had to try it myself. this seems likes a fun way to tell people a little bit more about me. I’m just going to have fun with this post and answer to the best of my abilities, some may be silly and some may be serious. I encourage everyone to try this tag out as well, tag me in it I would love to see your answers. Also make sure to check out Jenny’s post, the entire inspiration for me doing this blog post.

  1. First app you check when you wake up in the morning?  It really just depends on the day, usually facebook or twitter though. Sometimes I just go with whatever app I was posting on last so I can catch up on notifications.
  2. First broken bone?I have never broken a bone, so lets keep it that way. Though with yoga and standing on my head, I might have one coming soon. (Hopefully never)
  3. 1506585_10201606659873340_830321865_nFirst foreign country you ever visited?In college I went to Israel, we stayed in Bethlehem and learned about the effect of the conflict in the area. We also got to see all of the classic sites with some shopping in old Jerusalem as well. Definitely worth a trip there just to see all the sites.
  4. My first make-up item?Does nail polish count? I remember having some dollar store nail polish specifically for kids when I was about 5. It peeled right off as soon as it dried but I loved it.
  5. My first ever tape or CD?Pretty sure I got the Narnia soundtrack, or some top music hits. One of those. I wasn’t super into CD’s or my own music until I got an IPOD.
  6. My first car?10704076_10202938198640977_750207243588231594_nPrepare yourselves for this. I had a pink PT Cruiser, I got it from my grandma who was obsessed with pink and custom painted her car. It even had bubbles, like a rolling bar of soap. It was a good car though.
  7. My first Celebrity crush?Whoever played Oliver Wood in Harry Potter- OH BOY he was my favorite. To this day I think he is the cutest actor (okay Draco shaped up quite a bit in the last movies as well) I had good taste as a kid.
  8. My first cooking experience?Me and my sister would take the sauce mix from ramen and try to spice it up. It did not taste good, I have since improved my skills.
  9. My first ever boyfriend/girlfriend?There was this kid that started going to our church, I think I was a freshman, we never actually went out but I would borrow my friends phone and text him ALL the time. I think it lasted like a month tops in which he moved, found another girl and later in life settled down with a family.
  10. My first ever mobile phone?s-l225I had this little slider phone from Virgin Mobile my brother got me for Christmas. I had to buy those phone cards and everything and eventually the screen went nuts from too much sliding.
  11. My first fear?Dying, as a kid it seemed like such a huge problem and that as soon as I grew up I would kick the bucket. While dying still doesn’t seem super fun I realize I have so much life to live.
  12. My first internet activity?Neopets, I played games for hours trying to save up for new pets and cute clothes for them.
  13. My first job?I worked as a camp counselor for a summer, as a junior counselor so I would help the main counselor. It was a great experience and great summer. Eventually I moved to childcare, and now Yoga.
  14. My first language?English, I failed at Spanish, and then was almost fluent in German. But English is it for now. I want to learn more eventually.
  15. First musical instrument?1936585_1116193630063_4307061_n.jpgTrumpet. In 6th grade it was pick an instrument or do choir. I hated singing so I played trumpet all through middle school and high school. I hated it.
  16. My first pet?We had this evil cat that only loved my mom and spent time terrorizing all the kids. We all hated that evil cat.
  17. My first piercing and when did I get it?I had my ears done as a baby, I believe I was a month old. It was a cultural thing we do in my family and I love that I had them done my entire life. I know this is a tricky topic, but what’s done is done and I am happy it was done.
  18. My first tattoo?I was 19 in Chicago and I got AGAPE in an Ichthys. You can read the full story in my first tattoo blog.
  19. My first soft toy?A little stuffed Platypus, I loved it so much. However my brothers tossed it around, chucked it in a lamp and told no one. So when my mom turned the lamp on it burned and she didn’t find it until it started to burn up and make a nasty smell.
  20. My first thought today?SHUT THE ALARM OFF!! I really like my sleep.
  21. My first time on a ship?I haven’t been on a ship but I have been canoeing and kayaking and when I was a teen we took a boat out on our local lake.
  22. The first book I remember reading?I have been reading for as long as I can remember. My mom read us Little house on the Prairie, I would read various picture books as a child and Harry Potter is the first big book I remember reading. Or the American Diary series. I can’t remember which came first.
  23. The first concert I ever attended?I saw Family Force 5 when we went to DC as part of a Christian conference.
  24. The first film I remember seeing?Star Wars the Phantom Menace. I was so young I couldn’t even read the scrolling titles (I think because it was too fast) I loved it at the time but I realized later that it was kind of crap.
  25. The first person I talked to today?My husband, saying goodbye for work.
  26. The first text I sent today?To my husband lol, he always texts me when he gets to work
  27. The first thing I do every morning?Watch a youtube video just to wake myself up a little more.
  28. The first thing I do when I get home?Grab a snack, I’m usually coming home from a class and haven’t eaten yet.
  29. The first time you ever got drunk?Lol do I even dare with this? I was in college with friends and I had mikes lemonade. Pretty sure I got tipsy off that one drink because I was such a lightweight. I don’t enjoy drinking too much though just the occasional glass of wine.

This was super fun to do, and I think I might do more of these so you guys can get to know me better. Share your similar tags with me as well, I would love to see everyone else’s answers. This is just a fun blog post to do.



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