Everything Wrong (and good) with The Kissing Booth

So I feel like at this point we all know the Netflix original The Kissing Booth, and we have all probably watched it. If you haven’t then skip this blog post because it will most definitely contain spoilers. I watched this one on a whim and I actually ended up really enjoying it. 04-the-kissing-booth.w710.h473A couple of drinks also helped (completely kidding! I think…) but it was not that bad of a movie. Stupid? Yeah. Cheesy teen flick? Yeah. Not even set on an edge of reality? Absolutely, but still it’s not that bad. Like a feel good, guilty pleasure kind of movie. But there were still some things wrong with the movie, and while my opinion may not be the opinions of the mass population there are still issues with the movie. Just remember that this is entirely my opinion, it may be different from yours and that’s okay. I would love to hear everyone else’s thoughts on what they liked/hated about the movie just keep it nice and don’t degrade someone for thinking differently and keep your opinion nice and respectful.

Movie plot: 

The kissing booth follows Lee and Elle who have been best friends since the day they were born. They share a birthday, they share families and they share just about everything else. They even have rules of friendship, some which are silly and some a little more serious-like family members are off limits which is a way to say Lee’s older brother Noah is a huge NO. But Elle secretly harbors a huge crush on Noah. So when Lee and Elle have to pitch a carnival booth idea they decide on a kissing booth, Elle and Noah end up kissing at the booth and begin their rocky (and secret) relationship. Hiding it from everyone, even Lee. 

So already the movie starts out with basic, but still oddly intriguing, plot points. It’s the type of girly movie that is so basic that everyone watches it just to see it. But there were still some points that I disliked about the movie, or thought were odd. Some points other people pointed out that may have seemed wrong but might not be as bad and honestly just plain stupidity of both sides of the story. So let’s dive in.

  1. the-kissing-boothElle wearing a SUPER short skirt: Okay yeah, this adds to movie drama and all that but honestly Netflix having her rip her pants at school would have gotten the point across of her “glow up” from summer and not made Elle come off as the new school slut. And then a guy comes up and slaps her butt because obviously she asked for it by dressing like that? I wouldn’t be so bitter about that either but he later apologizes to her and she’s like, “yeah okay! Let’s date.” is this girl so desperate for male attention that she accepts the male abuser? So believable-NOT! Insert eye-roll here. Thankfully the movie picked up a little bit after this mishap.
  2. Noah running off all the guys not getting enough good rep: I’m sorry this might be a wildly unpopular opinion but I was not about to complain that Noah Flynn told the Perv master to back of or he’d beat him up. They could of worded it a little bit better than the idiot guy saying “no boobs are worth a black eye.” but how is this even a bad thing. Like I know girls need to date their own guys and make their own mistakes but honestly Noah did her a huge favor. I saw it as Noah being a big brother to her, as someone who grew up with brothers I definitely heard the old “I will beat him up” threats. Yes I realize that this is also super annoying for an older brother to do but still, he helped her out a bit. And he certainly got an earful when she found out so it’s not like he had any sort of control over her life she clearly could stand up for herself. As wrong as Noah may have been it was honestly that stupid “awww” moment when you realized he was acting however selfishly out of love. Of course, he does need to grow up and do it quickly because those quirks become irritating super quick after their initial “awwww” moment.
  3. Lee thinking he could control Elle’s love life: Okay this is what should of gotten the bad rep and honestly I was quite shocked that it didn’t. Lee literally tells Elle that he won’t be friends with her if she dates his brother. Like really? REALLY!? That is so low, and any friend who gives you ultimatum like that is not really your friend. When Elle chewed his butt and told him “you do not get to tell me who to love” I was like YASSS GIRL YASSS because we do not get enough of this in movies and books. I loved how Elle stood up and was like “okay back off you’re being a jerk” because Lee was being the biggest grade A jerk in the entire movie (besides perv guy) and he had NO right to act like that or treat her like that simply because she liked his brother. He is a crap friend and honestly Elle could do better. And can we talk about what a jerk Lee was being once he met a girl too, like he completely ditched Elle and was oblivious to her life because of some girl, AND he took the girl he was seeing to the dance video game that was specifically him and Elle’s thing. I hated Lee, with a burning passion I hated him. He was a huge jerk. And the look on Elle’s face when she saw Lee doing the dance with another girl was just so heartbreaking. Lee is the jerk of the movie and I stand by that 100%

Okay, so I don’t want this post to be all negative at all so I will touch on the points I really liked about the movie because it had some solid moments.

  1. Elle’s massive attitude: I love a strong girl who will stick up for herself. She didn’t start off strong with trying to date perv man. But she ripped Noah a new one, a few times actually and even let Lee have a piece of her mind. So the girl knows (usually) when a guy is a grade A jerk and she is not afraid to let him have it. I applaud her for being able to stick up to both Lee and Noah and let them have a piece of her mind.
  2. Elle losing her virginity: Most teen movies act like this is the highlight of the movie and the biggest most important thing in this girls life, and they act like losing her virginity is life and death and then the girl gets all attached and weepy and acts like an emotional mess. It was a little refreshing that this movie took a different take, because sometimes it’s just not a huge deal. Not every girl is gonna freak out and act like it’s the be all end all. And it was cool how Elle would go in like no big deal buying condoms because honestly some girls are just like that. It happens, and it’s nice to have a different story line vs the typical emotional girl loses virginity. Not every case is the same and it’s nice to see movies branching out.
  3. Noah and Elle saying like vs love: When Noah and Elle got together they were all like “I like you” and I literally screamed YES when this happened. SO many teen movies focus on the true love at first sight trope and my goodness it was nice to see a couple of teens be like “I like you, let’s see where this goes” because too many movies focus on emotional girls acting crazy for love. Yeah sure eventually they said it but only after they had been together all year and only when they were sure. And even then, Noah went to college and Elle ends the movie with “I don’t know what’s going to happen but let’s just live life and see” type quote and it was refreshing. They realize that this is young love and they realize it may or may not last. Most movies don’t do that and it’s important to focus on that because a lot of first loves don’t end up lasting and that’s okay. It should be more common in movies that this happens in movies because true love is a false picture painted by media that over glorifies having love in high school. It can happen and last, sure, but usually first loves are just that. First loves.

What did you guys think of the movie? I would rate this movie 3/5 stars. It was good, super cheesy but not a bad watch. I might go back again and rewatch when I am feeling a chick flick type of movie night. It wasn’t the greatest though, and I would definitely change some plot points if I was in charge. But all in all, I don’t regret watching it. I know many people hated it simply because they felt Noah was too controlling, but I didn’t get that vibe really after his initial story line of telling guys to back off. Maybe if he had just told that one guy and not all the guys it would be more believable especially since Elle was made to be a dorky kid until she blossomed. Either way, not too terrible I’d say definitely a guilty pleasure movie. Comment your thoughts and opinions on below I would love to hear them.

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