My nail journey

Okay so this is a little out there as far as topics for me, I am by no means a beauty guru or nail expert at all. But recently I had begun to watch a nail channel on youtube about super cute tutorials and other random nail stuff. The channel is called Simply Nailogical, and I will link it as well. But I began to watch the nail videos, which consist of super fun nail art, nail DIYs or trying popular nail DIYs that don’t actually work, trying out kids nail products etc. It’s just a super fun channel and I really enjoy watching, especially since Christine (the host) is super real and super weird and I love it. A lot of the time she’s just trying something she’s never done before and she includes her fails as well which is comforting to those like me who can’t nail art to save their life.

I was going through my normal youtube binge when I watched her nail care videos, and how to grow your nails “fast” and I actually got some super great tips that I had never thought of before. So I began my nail journey. After years of working in childcare, and not really being able to have long nails or any nails really I decided that I should grow my nails. Now my nails grow super fast. It takes about a week for my nails to grow past my finger tips, a little longer if I focus a lot on shaping. But I need trims usually every week at least. But I have never grown my nails longer than that. I have never felt the need to, nor has it ever been super practical in my life. But now that I am teaching yoga, I don’t have to worry about actually working so much with my hands and I have the freedom to grow my nails out if I would like to.

Anyways, long story short I got some pretty awesome tips from her video including how to care for nails and how to shape them. I will link both videos down below for you to watch because honestly you just need to see them if you’re interested in healthy nails and shaping/growing them.

How to shape your nails 

How to grow long nails 

Both videos were super insightful and inspired me to also grow my own nails out. I got some good tips as well, like how to shape and what tools to use how to strengthen and grow nails. While it is false that you can do some tricks to make nails grow super fast Christine talks about taking steps to protect and grow nails. Which is also what inspired to me to start painting my nails again as well. Because nail polish adds a layer, sort of like armor, to your nail and makes it stronger so you don’t break it. I also started to play around with nail art as well. I suck at stickers, or stickers just suck. But I am getting better at just plain nail polish and taking care of my nail beds and cuticles.

The other day I was playing around and even got a successful french tip done as well. Successful as in you can kind of tell it’s a french tip and it’s hardly even smudged.
I was so proud, with a little tape I made an edge and it actually turned out decent. I just made sure to do the first coat without a base coat so I could scratch off any leaks with a wooden cuticle stick. I wish I could give more of a how to on this, but then this post would be so long. If you want a tutorial on this though feel free to comment below or request it. I am not super great at nail art but these turned out cute.

nailpicforblogSo, my nail journey. I started off with super short nails (pictured) which you can kind of see but I didn’t have a super great before shot so I had to crop. I have pretty much had short nails my whole life, it was just easier for me to deal with. I did band and sports in high school and didn’t have a whole ton of time to spend on my nails. Plus I sucked at nail polish. Then when I graduated I still worked in childcare and honest to goodness just didn’t think to try growing my nails. So this past year after I got hired as a yoga instructor instead and finally left childcare behind, I was inspired and decided to start my journey.

And this is after 2 weeks, with shaping, cuticle removal and my french tips that I did. The tip is pretty much the entirety of the white part of my nail, which has a name but I don’t remember what it is. While it doesn’t seem like it’s that much of a growth, this is how long they get in about a week.IMG_5626 Growth tends to slow down a little once they get past my finger tips and shaping them also makes them take a little longer as well. But for now I am pretty pleased with how they turned out. As someone who has kept short nails all her life, and has a huge hatred for fake nails of any kind this is really awesome. So far I am just using nail polish as my shield and shaping them/removing cuticles. Oil is generally about 10$ a bottle which isn’t too terrible but my nails are strong and still bend pretty easily without breakage so I think they are super healthy without the added oil anyways.

What I have noticed now that I have decided to take care of my nails more is that they are really healthy. Strong, yet felixaeble. They grow super fast, which was an annoyance when I was cutting them but not anymore. After I stopped using clippers and just filed my nail bed and nail tip (where the bed meets the white part, or the lunula as I just learned) smoothed out a lot and stopped being uneven. Which really helped me doing the french tips as well. So already, NOT using nail clippers has made that line from nail bed to white part more straight and less all over the place, which was always a problem for me because parts of my nails would always seem uneven.

As they grow even more I have noticed some nails are a lot tougher than others and less flexible so I will at some point have to get some oil. Doing research, a lot of people recommend a lit of different oils but Christine has said in her videos that Jojoba works best for her because it just absorbs better so I was going to eventually try that type of oil.

As far as practicality in life, they don’t hold me back or make things difficult any more so than usual. Which I was surprised because that is why I hate fake nails so much. But I also teach yoga now and that takes a lot less work with my hands that would make a nail break or anything. So basically, I am pretty happy with my results and I am loving being able to grow my nails a little longer now. For the time being I am not sure if I want to shape them better and keep them this length or grow them even more. I will just have to see, growth has at least slowed a little bit now anyways so I won’t have super crazy long nails at least.

If you’re looking for healthier nails, or to grow yours too I highly recommend Christine channel. I have gotten so many tips and honestly I just love her. Also just for fun, comment some of the nail art you guys have done and maybe give me some inspo for my next at home manicure. I would love to see what awesome stuff you guys can do, since I pretty much suck at the nail art department for now.


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