Shopping Second hand; the perks

I feel as though there are only two views on second hand shopping, you either love it or you would NEVER buy anything used EVER. I mean, there are some in-betweens as well, but if you mention a trip to you local goodwill people will generally react one of those two ways. I grew up in a family of hand me downs and many trips to the goodwill. It was never weird for me to buy something from there. You could find a lot of great things. Sure, somethings I would never touch with a 10 foot pole (like underwear, sheets, or swimming suits for example) but you can still find a lot of great things.

Most of the jeans that I’ve found, and loved the most, have been at a second hand store. If you hit the right store you can find name brand jeans that are still really nice. The extra plus is that they are already worn out and in their super soft comfy jean phase as well. You can also find a ton of brand new name brand clothing items with tags still on, especially around Christmas time. Often times, people just donate things instead of bothering to return them. Which I can’t blame them because it is  easier just to box stuff up and drop it off.

There are so many myths with second hand shopping though, and I’ve met a lot of people that certainly think it’s sub-par to wear something already used. But really, there are so many great things about thrift shopping there isn’t really a downside to it.

Most thrift shops support a charity, or are a charity. Tons of people volunteer, especially at local thrift shops, and the shop itself works toward helping a part of the community or raising money for something. We have thrift shop in the areas that focus solely on providing homes for people who need them, and having a place for them to stay to get back on their feet. And they do this entirely from donations and their thrift shop. It’s amazing.

Buying used clothes can also greatly impact the environment as well. Now days, thing weren’t really built to last. Especially at super high end brands. We live in a throw away society, fast fashion is in and we solely rely on it. We buy, barely use and then move onto the next thing. If you buy used clothing, you can quit supporting the world of fast fashion and still find perfectly good (practically brand new) items. You can also find out which fashion items will last longer. If you find a used item and it still looks amazing you know it was built to last. Too many times had I bought something new and within the year it as frayed or ruined.

Also, it is miles cheaper to buy used. Not only can you find brand new, or hardly worn items, you can find them at a fraction of the cost. And there really isn’t any end to what you can find at a second hand store. If having to clean something doesn’t put you off, then second hand stores are amazing.

A lot of people thing that if you shop second hand though, it’s dirty and disgusting. And while it’s true you need to wash the clothes before you wear them they really aren’t that bad. I’ve been in shops that are so clean I’d honestly wear the clothes without a wash. I don’t however, I wash it all anyways. But a lot of shops take pride in what they look like and make an effort to have the place sparkling. Just wash things before you wear or use and you should be fine. If it can’t be cleaned by a simple wash then I doubt the shop will be selling it. Also, bleach wipes and sprays are literally our best friend here for things traditionally not washed.

Honestly though, it’s just a personal choice. Helping get rid of the wasteful fashion society is not a bad thing though. And you save so much just buying gently used items. As we began to focus more on saving and building up our family, it’s even more important to save where we can. Just the other day we went to a goodwill and found some really great pants. I am not kind to pants, and I can not afford to replace my jeans with every bleach spill. Even if they are on a buy one get one half off. But for 5$ a pair of pants, I was able to get a couple pairs and we spent less than 20$.

If anything, just finding things like books or movies is also super great. People donate those things like crazy and you can get whole series for cheap. Most of our movies came second hand, from a thrift store or used gaming store or something. Its amazing, they’re usually in mint condition and I have spent loads less than I would buying them new.

If you love thrifting like I do, give this post a like. Comment your favorite places or favorite finds. If you haven’t yet discovered the joy of thrifting, give it a shot. At the very least browse the selection and see if there is anything you could save a little bit on. Also pro tip, thrifting is great for finding awesome costumes or cosplays. Save some $$$ and make it to your favorite convention in style.

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