Avengers Infinity Wars: spoiler thoughts

I really suck at this blogging thing, but I keep it up when I remember. And well, today I remember. A day after I went to see Infinity Wars. I figured this is as a good a time as any to get all my thoughts out there, however jumbled they may be.


This post is going to contain spoilers, many many spoilers so just be warned. Do not read ahead if you have not watched the movie. So just be warned, if you spoil yourself then that is on you. I will try to get the spoilers as far down as possible but again, I will just be kind of word barfing on the page with all of my thoughts.

Okay, so first off. Ya’ll remember that last end scene from Thor Ragnarok? They pull up to this massive ship, and you are left with this somewhat semi hopeful feeling that it’s nothing too bad to worry about. We didn’t go see this one in theaters because the reviews weren’t all that great but we bought it as soon as it was out and finished it just as quickly. As soon as the last scene rolled, my husband turned to me and said “you know, that’s probably the Guardians of the Galaxy ship!” Adding hope to what was seeming to be a bleak future for our favorite heroes. With the avengers trailer out, Thor having just asked “Who the hell are you guys?” Once he met the Guardians, I agreed to this thinking that would be a great way to start of the latest avengers. Get their group together quickly and they might stand a chance against Thanos. Might. In theory.

Avengers begins to play on the big screen. I’ve got my Sangria, my husband has his beer. Our Hawiian tuna poke already delivered to our seats and we were ready to see this wild ride. A distress signal immediately starts, and cue in pretty much of all the Asgardians dead. It was going to be that kind of movie. Thor nearly killed, Loki IS killed, the gate guardian stabbed and the latest addition to Thor’s group- Valkyrie- is no where to be found. Dreams of this beautiful Asgardian warrior basically kicking Thanos to the curb crashed around me as I realized, rather stupidly, that this was a soul crushing movie to say the least.

But it was amazing, from the massive cast to the balance of several character personalities everything tied together rather nicely. My favorite was Iron man and Doctor Strange finally meeting. So much arrogance in one room, with Spiderman jumping in talking about the wizard it seemed to tie everything together rather nicely. I had so many expectations for so many characters meeting up, and honestly I feel as though most of them were met. I think with massive main characters they did the best that they could do. They somehow managed to keep all characters true to themselves, even with the shared screen time.

Them most annoying character was undoubtedly Star Lord. While he is funny and quirky in his own movies, he doesn’t play well with others. He is jealous, and arrogant (and not the funny type of arrogant like in Iron Man that enabled him to defeat the enemy) Quill was the type of arrogant that ruined the plan for everyone, putting his own want’s and needs above all and only caring about what happens to his own life. While true to his character, I had lost all love for him by the end of the movie.

The addition of Peter Dinklage to the cast was also a nice touch, with Thors new weapon everything was being tied together that was left off in the previous movies. However it did take a while to for me to realize that with these new found axe, Thor was able to control the Bifrost. Which is good thing considering the mass genocide of all the Asgardians and no one left to control the Bifrost.

I will not lie, I was pretty much giving up towards the end. I honestly did see how anyone had an advantage over anyone, until Thor came. The Scarlet Witch finally caves and agrees to destroy the stone (which call me heartless but she should of just done the minute he asked and saved everyone all this trouble.) and then BAM, Thanos comes though and uses the stone that Strange gave over to him-Did anyone else see that coming BTW? Because at that point I was wanting to scream at the screen like “WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING!?” And it was over. Things were looking pretty dark, I had actually breathed a sigh of relief when Thor axed him. Like this is it, this is what we’ve been waiting for. And then Thanos has to be all like “You should of got the head” and snapped his fingers.

The theater was drop dead silent at this part, and everyone watched in silence as their favorite characters faded off the screen. Spider-man hit me the hardest. I think that was Tony’s greatest fear, he felt responsible for the kid. And I think in a way he loved him, Peter certainly held a love for Stark. As Strange fades away, promising Tony that this was the only way and Peter is freaking out, I honestly couldn’t remember when Marvel had gotten so good at being cruel. The first thing that was uttered after the screen went dark was “This had to be the ONE future that Strange had seen them win. It has to be! He wouldn’t do that without a very good reason.”

And then to end it all, Nick Fury pages Captain Marvel in the end scene. Which took me a while to get because to be honest Captain Marvel hasn’t really been a hot line of topic in the marvel universe. But it was a decent way to kick off her movie next year, which is set to take place in the 1990s, so we can assume that this will pull her out of retirement.

Okay so now that all that is out there, let’s get into some of the theories that we have discussed in my family. I will just list them in a somewhat organized manner;

  1. First off, none of us actually believe that anyone is really dead. Rather, the soul stone is just harboring them in the soul place. That place where Gamora (as a child) met Thanos when he was done. Something tells me that will be a huge detail in the 4th avengers movie.
  2. Another one we threw around was that because Gamora was the sacrifice, she is also trapped in the soul place and should someone else be sacrificed, she will be released. Weather this brings her back is very debatable seeing as she was thrown from a cliff. Either way, this could be a solid theory and might also end in someone ultimately sacrificing their life to save her.
  3. A rather depressing theory we have is that no one is coming back, and the rest of the movies are “prequels” and happen before all this happened. Maybe this will be the kick start into the “future” marvel and jump starting the world of Big Hero 6. Which btw the is actually cannon, it was confirmed to be the future world of Marvel. So the Spiderman movie set to come out in 2019 could actually be something that happened before Infinity wars and beloved Peter truly is gone.
  4. Another sad theory is that Ant-Man is going to end in much of the same manner and suddenly people start to fade away. If Ant-Man himself does not go you can be sure that his daughter will be going as well. Same with Hawkeye. While he doesn’t get a movie you can be sure that if he lives he will be in the next Avengers ready to avenge the lives of his wife and children.
  5. From here the last theory is honestly just a best guess as to how this will end. We can only assume that the gauntlet needs to be found and reversed. And while the gauntlet itself is fried, the stones clearly are still working seeing as Thanos zapped himself away. Wether or not he kept the gauntlet is up for debate so they either need to re-battle him or find it. Either way, their numbers are down and Tony is stuck on Titan with only Nebula for help. Nebula could also play a huge part as well, as she did in the comics. Maybe Nebula will be the one to die to save Gamora.

Things really aren’t looking so great right now for the Avengers. And now we’re going to be stuck in a slump before the next movie. And we need to wait a whole year before we even know how this all ends. I mean it’s no game of thrones, so the wait isn’t THAT bad. And at least the movie is already done being filmed so that helps a little. Now the question is, how does this all end. Will it all end super well? Or does Marvel have the guts to kill off massive amounts of characters. Honestly who knows, they could bring all of them back, even Loki. Although personally Loki should stay dead, that is a little bit of a stretch to bring him back. Either way, whatever happens we certainly have a lot to think about. And Stan Lee has left our minds reeling for the next year, with nothing to do but bing watch all the movies that are already out.


ALSO can I just end on how false the advertising was in their trailers when they showed the hulk in the battle at Wakonda and he couldn’t even Hulk up the entire movie. Forever salty about that, like come on! Don’t advertise it then.

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