Pokemon Green Version Review

Okay we have all played Pokemon, or heard of it, seen it-something. Pokemon is that super well known large fan base fandom that we all either love, don’t understand or hate. But did you know that while Japan had Pokemon Green the US only had Red and Blue. So someone had taken it upon themselves to hack the Green version into english for us and the results are actually pretty awesome.

The Green version takes what you love from the classic games, and just makes them slightly more…hilarious. I’ve been streaming some of this game recently and let me tell you I have been having some huge laughs. I have so far in the game picked Shado (Charmander) as my starter, caught a Bobo (Pidgey), Bicac (Pickachu) and Puddi (Jigglypuff). I have been taught and guided my the amazing professor Aochider (Prof. Oak) and have not understood a single word anyone in the game has said because they say things in very fragmented english as though google translate suddenly decided that it was going to make a game.

Upon further search though, this does not seem to be a common hack that people know of. In fact there seems to be a more improved hacked matching right alongside red and blue version. So this Green version hack, as crazy as it appears and as unknown it may be, is definitely a trip. A treat, a good bunch of laughs and everything in between. If you are wanting this for yourself you might be able to buy this particular hack in a cartridge form or you can download an emulator for your computer and search through some sites with game downloads. Make sure to google which ones are best as it varies with what type of operating system you have.

So onto the gameplay. It’s odd, the english is hilarious, but essentially it’s classic Pokemon with a twist. I recommend being someone who has the original games memorized before playing this as it can be very confusing and weird. It certainly is worth a play through, and I have a good time laughing about it. It may not be up there with the originals but it’s enjoyable.

If you’re simply looking to add to your Pokemon collection I just recommend looking for the legit hack that is in proper english in cartridge form. I mean this is cool as well, but it’s not really as official and can be very off-putting due to lack of proper english or pronounceable names.

But it’s all in good fun and great for a laugh.


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