Is Yoga Journal worth it?

With all magazine subscriptions the age old question of “is it worth it?”, actually this is basically the question I ask with any subscription that is offered my way. When I saw that yoga journal was on sale on amazon I could not pass up that offer. A year subscription for 7$. I have no idea if this is a deal, but I have always wanted to try a subscription to Yoga Journal. And before someone says that this is hardly zero waste, where I live is impossible to be completely zero waste so we have altered our lifestyle to stop the trash flow from our place and recycle everything we can’t re-use, donate or compost. Also I purchased the subscription before we made the total move to a zero waste lifestyle.

So I happily and rather impulsively bought myself this magazine subscription that honestly I didn’t really know much about. It has yoga in the name so obviously it’s got to be a must have right? They said that I would get my first magazine at the end of January or beginning of February. So I sat back and waited for the long haul.

But just a week ago I got the first two issues. The fall issue and the winter issue. I’m not sure if they were wrong about the delivery dates or they just decided to send the latest issues of this year since I had signed up for them in November. Or even if they just sent me some ones they had leftover. I wasn’t going to complain, I was really excited to be honest. I rarely ever subscribe to anything. I’m usually (by usually I mean always) sign up for the free trial and then cancel it once it’s done. I did this with audible, amazon prime reading, and pretty much everything else. The only subscription that ever stuck was Netflix.

After flipping through the magazines, I can honestly say that I like them. The first issue had tips for back pain, and as someone who has to deal with back pain on a daily basis this was a great surprise. They also had some new flows and tips to try. I’m also really into those sappy magazine stories, and they seem to have awesome tips for yogis.

But the question here isn’t if I like the magazine, which I do and it certainly helps out in the favor of a subscription. The question is wether or not it is worth it. For this magazine to be worth it the price needs to be right. For me, 7$ wasn’t a bad price. I’m sure that it’s not that great of a deal, I’m sure that you could find a better deal somewhere. But 7$ dollars compared to the actual price of a subscription like this isn’t bad. However, if you don’t get the deal and you end up paying anywhere from 10-20$ dollars than that would seriously put into question about wether or not these magazines are worth it. Frankly no magazine is really worth more than 10$ a per year but I know that some magazines run around 20-30$ for a yearly subscription.

So, if you get the great price, I would suggest getting this maybe to try out or something. The stories and tips are definitely worth it, and I don’t mind the ads in the magazine (which are part of every magazine because that is how they get things finically supported) as they pertain to me in some way. And I am digging the recipes they offer in the magazine. With a few tweaks I can make them vegan in a snap.

Would I continue this subscription? Maybe, if I continue to get this price, but I probably wont get these deal every time. And to be quite honest I probably wouldn’t renew even if I got this great price. I love the magazine and I love the stories in them. But as someone trying to cut down on waste in my life these don’t seem that practical. There is an online subscription, but from the reviews it doesn’t seem that great in itself. Really what it boils down to is if this is something that you want in life. It certainly adds a lot of things with recipes, tips, tricks and new flows etc.

I like the magazines, and I look forward to the rest but I have to ask myself if I am going to be looking at these past when I read through them. The answer is, no probably not. So for the time being I will enjoy them while I have them. I will recycle them as best I can and then probably end the subscription. For yogis, this is a great assets magazine, but for anyone trying to cut waste out of their life this isn’t the best. But I would recommend them. So if this is something you’ve been wanting to try, snatch up a subscription when the price drops and give them a shot. The back pain tips are definitely worth it for me.

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