The scoop on essential oils

I never new that when I started getting into oils that there would be so much to learn and so many things to go over and be wary of. I mentioned one time in my yoga training that I used Aura Cacia brand and one of my friends started telling me that there are “grades” and that Aura Cacia is not 100% pure and the I need to make sure that I get the best brand. Me being me initially freaked out, I could be using a “bad” kind of oil, I could be doing something terribly wrong for by body. I could be doing some damage to myself, I could really screw up if I used the wrong oils.

My friend offered to come over and teach me about oils, she is a member of Young Living and has a lot of resources that explain the differences. Wanting to learn more, I quickly accepted. She showed me all her knowledge, how not all oils are equal and that there is no regulations on oils whatsoever. Basically as long is it has a certain amount of the actual oil it can be labeled as 100% pure even if it’s not 100% pure.

She showed me her bottle of Aura Cacia and poured it in her hang alongside the young living versions. They were different colors. She told me how when she was burned the peppermint form Aura Cacia didn’t help but when she put the young living oil on it cooled it instantly. She told me lavender oil is a natural collagen and stops the bleeding, but when she used the Aura Cacia version of the oil on her cut it burned. After washing the oil off and putting on the young living oil the burning stopped along with the bleeding.

Now I am not one to blindly believe what people tell me. But this is a good friend of mine, who would not lie to me and has no reason to lie to me. She wasn’t trying to get me to buy anything. She even told me before we met that I would not have to buy anything. She just wanted to teach me about oils.

So I turned to the internet. I tried to look up more things about the Aura Cacia oils. Nothing really sketchy popped up, but most of it was people talking about how it said that it is 100% pure on the bottle. They also said that the company claims to follow the best process for making oils, checking everting every step of the way and only producing the best quality items. And only following a certain procedure for making the oils. Young living says the same things. But that is all these things are, claims. Because you can claim anything so long as you can get away with it or meet certain “standards”. Tic tacs are labeled sugar free per serving because they are so small it’s almost like there is no sugar. But they are made entirely of sugar.

The difference though is that young living leaves their farms open. The whole process is open to the public, my friend went down and saw the exact process of how the oils are made and NOTHING is added to them. At all. So when young living claims that they are 100% pure I am more inclined to believe them. This information comes from a very trusted friend of mine, again no reason to lie to me at all.

So there definitely are some weird things that go on with processing items to sell to people. I decided to dig a little more. I noticed that after my friend left my apartment smelled like the peppermint she was diffusing as a sample for two solid days after. And still on the third day the residual smell remained. The Aura Cacia oils I have barley last that long when I apply them directly on me, let alone in a diffuser. I remember that when I was looking up uses for oils that you could put a few drops in your bath to diffuse and I tried it and it burned. And when I had dabbed a little bit on myself it made me break out. Now I am not super sensitive and I have had oils on my face before and nothing happened. The only reasoning for a massive breakout would have been a separate carrier oil in the original oil.

I investigated further. I applied the peppermint to a burn, no cooling at all. Not even a little bit I wasn’t burned badly at all, just an annoyance but still not result. I tried to apply the lavender that I had on a cut. Slight stinging and it wasn’t doing anything amazing to stop my bleeding. It wasn’t even a bad cut, barely bleeding. And when I was sick I had gotten those oils to help clear my congestion, which did help but when I smelled the young living oils I could really smell a difference in how strong or potent each oil was. After I smelled the young living oils (peppermint) I was instantly decongested, which never happens when I use the other oils.

Now these are just my findings, I am by no means an expert and I do not claim to be. I love oils, and I loved the Aura Cacia brand until I began to notice the subtle differences. I can’t be certain that this oils are not what they claim to be, but going off what I have seen with my own eyes they certainly aren’t as “pure” as they are claiming to be.

So how does this come into play in daily oil use? This definitely changes my outlook on what oils I use. I am no longer going to just pull these off the shelf and buy them because they are cheaper. I am going to compare, study and research so much more now. But I know after smelling the young living stuff that their oils are so much more potent.

Now Aura Cacia oils are not “evil” they actually aren’t that bad. In fact 99% of the population doesn’t even seem notice the difference. At best it is a minuscule difference. It’s subtle and to be quite honest it’s not the end of the world. Personally, I feel more inclined to buy from a brand that I can 100% trust, I know for a fact that their process produces 100% pure oils. No additives, nothing but the promised oil labeled on the bottle. But I can’t seem to find out how to see if Aura Cacia is for real, and knowing that the oils only have to meet a certain percentage to be labeled 100% and that there is no regulations on oils so companies can make whatever claims they want I feel as though I don’t trust them as much. This is just from the research and investigating that I have done on my own.

Again I am no expert, I just thought I would share my findings. I know that a lot of people are into oils and I feel as if this is something that people should know when looking into oils. So research those brands, do some digging and find out what oil is the best for you. Don’t be afraid to test some products as well. Find out which ones work best for YOU and which ones that YOU like best. Oils can be a great addition to our daily lives, so we want to make sure we are finding the best ones for us. Personally, I still like the Aura Cacia brand. I will probably switch to Young Living with more research but Aura Cacia is a good brand to use in my cleaning products or to put into soaps or candles. But for medicinal remedies, diffusing and using as aromatherapy I would prefer to use a more trusted brand. But is it going to hurt to use Aura Cacai? Naw, they are still really close to being 100% pure anyways so as long as you know what you’re getting it’s all good.

So research, research and more research and know for sure what you are buying. Remember not all oils are the same and just because it says 100% does not mean that there is nothing else in there.

2 thoughts on “The scoop on essential oils

    1. When my friend showed me all this I was really shocked. And I keep seeing things online about people saying to make sure to get a bottle that says 100% but now I know it could still be diluted a little. I still use the Aura Cacia oils since I like the smell and they are great for cleaning products but I really prefer young living oils much more now. They smell a lot nicer too, which I didn’t think was possible until I did a sniff comparison.


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