Everything Wrong (and good) with The Kissing Booth

So I feel like at this point we all know the Netflix original The Kissing Booth, and we have all probably watched it. If you haven’t then skip this blog post because it will most definitely contain spoilers. I watched this one on a whim and I actually ended up really enjoying it. 04-the-kissing-booth.w710.h473A couple of drinks also helped (completely kidding! I think…) but it was not that bad of a movie. Stupid? Yeah. Cheesy teen flick? Yeah. Not even set on an edge of reality? Absolutely, but still it’s not that bad. Like a feel good, guilty pleasure kind of movie. But there were still some things wrong with the movie, and while my opinion may not be the opinions of the mass population there are still issues with the movie. Just remember that this is entirely my opinion, it may be different from yours and that’s okay. I would love to hear everyone else’s thoughts on what they liked/hated about the movie just keep it nice and don’t degrade someone for thinking differently and keep your opinion nice and respectful.

Movie plot: 

The kissing booth follows Lee and Elle who have been best friends since the day they were born. They share a birthday, they share families and they share just about everything else. They even have rules of friendship, some which are silly and some a little more serious-like family members are off limits which is a way to say Lee’s older brother Noah is a huge NO. But Elle secretly harbors a huge crush on Noah. So when Lee and Elle have to pitch a carnival booth idea they decide on a kissing booth, Elle and Noah end up kissing at the booth and begin their rocky (and secret) relationship. Hiding it from everyone, even Lee. 

So already the movie starts out with basic, but still oddly intriguing, plot points. It’s the type of girly movie that is so basic that everyone watches it just to see it. But there were still some points that I disliked about the movie, or thought were odd. Some points other people pointed out that may have seemed wrong but might not be as bad and honestly just plain stupidity of both sides of the story. So let’s dive in.

  1. the-kissing-boothElle wearing a SUPER short skirt: Okay yeah, this adds to movie drama and all that but honestly Netflix having her rip her pants at school would have gotten the point across of her “glow up” from summer and not made Elle come off as the new school slut. And then a guy comes up and slaps her butt because obviously she asked for it by dressing like that? I wouldn’t be so bitter about that either but he later apologizes to her and she’s like, “yeah okay! Let’s date.” is this girl so desperate for male attention that she accepts the male abuser? So believable-NOT! Insert eye-roll here. Thankfully the movie picked up a little bit after this mishap.
  2. Noah running off all the guys not getting enough good rep: I’m sorry this might be a wildly unpopular opinion but I was not about to complain that Noah Flynn told the Perv master to back of or he’d beat him up. They could of worded it a little bit better than the idiot guy saying “no boobs are worth a black eye.” but how is this even a bad thing. Like I know girls need to date their own guys and make their own mistakes but honestly Noah did her a huge favor. I saw it as Noah being a big brother to her, as someone who grew up with brothers I definitely heard the old “I will beat him up” threats. Yes I realize that this is also super annoying for an older brother to do but still, he helped her out a bit. And he certainly got an earful when she found out so it’s not like he had any sort of control over her life she clearly could stand up for herself. As wrong as Noah may have been it was honestly that stupid “awww” moment when you realized he was acting however selfishly out of love. Of course, he does need to grow up and do it quickly because those quirks become irritating super quick after their initial “awwww” moment.
  3. Lee thinking he could control Elle’s love life: Okay this is what should of gotten the bad rep and honestly I was quite shocked that it didn’t. Lee literally tells Elle that he won’t be friends with her if she dates his brother. Like really? REALLY!? That is so low, and any friend who gives you ultimatum like that is not really your friend. When Elle chewed his butt and told him “you do not get to tell me who to love” I was like YASSS GIRL YASSS because we do not get enough of this in movies and books. I loved how Elle stood up and was like “okay back off you’re being a jerk” because Lee was being the biggest grade A jerk in the entire movie (besides perv guy) and he had NO right to act like that or treat her like that simply because she liked his brother. He is a crap friend and honestly Elle could do better. And can we talk about what a jerk Lee was being once he met a girl too, like he completely ditched Elle and was oblivious to her life because of some girl, AND he took the girl he was seeing to the dance video game that was specifically him and Elle’s thing. I hated Lee, with a burning passion I hated him. He was a huge jerk. And the look on Elle’s face when she saw Lee doing the dance with another girl was just so heartbreaking. Lee is the jerk of the movie and I stand by that 100%

joel-courtney-and-joey-king-1527782241-view-0Okay, so I don’t want this post to be all negative at all so I will touch on the points I really liked about the movie because it had some solid moments.

  1. Elle’s massive attitude: I love a strong girl who will stick up for herself. She didn’t start off strong with trying to date perv man. But she ripped Noah a new one, a few times actually and even let Lee have a piece of her mind. So the girl knows (usually) when a guy is a grade A jerk and she is not afraid to let him have it. I applaud her for being able to stick up to both Lee and Noah and let them have a piece of her mind.
  2. Elle losing her virginity: Most teen movies act like this is the highlight of the movie and the biggest most important thing in this girls life, and they act like losing her virginity is life and death and then the girl gets all attached and weepy and acts like an emotional mess. It was a little refreshing that this movie took a different take, because sometimes it’s just not a huge deal. Not every girl is gonna freak out and act like it’s the be all end all. And it was cool how Elle would go in like no big deal buying condoms because honestly some girls are just like that. It happens, and it’s nice to have a different story line vs the typical emotional girl loses virginity. Not every case is the same and it’s nice to see movies branching out.
  3. Noah and Elle saying like vs love: When Noah and Elle got together they were all like “I like you” and I literally screamed YES when this happened. SO many teen movies focus on the true love at first sight trope and my goodness it was nice to see a couple of teens be like “I like you, let’s see where this goes” because too many movies focus on emotional girls acting crazy for love. Yeah sure eventually they said it but only after they had been together all year and only when they were sure. And even then, Noah went to college and Elle ends the movie with “I don’t know what’s going to happen but let’s just live life and see” type quote and it was refreshing. They realize that this is young love and they realize it may or may not last. Most movies don’t do that and it’s important to focus on that because a lot of first loves don’t end up lasting and that’s okay. It should be more common in movies that this happens in movies because true love is a false picture painted by media that over glorifies having love in high school. It can happen and last, sure, but usually first loves are just that. First loves.

What did you guys think of the movie? I would rate this movie 3/5 stars. It was good, super cheesy but not a bad watch. I might go back again and rewatch when I am feeling a chick flick type of movie night. It wasn’t the greatest though, and I would definitely change some plot points if I was in charge. But all in all, I don’t regret watching it. I know many people hated it simply because they felt Noah was too controlling, but I didn’t get that vibe really after his initial story line of telling guys to back off. Maybe if he had just told that one guy and not all the guys it would be more believable especially since Elle was made to be a dorky kid until she blossomed. Either way, not too terrible I’d say definitely a guilty pleasure movie. Comment your thoughts and opinions on below I would love to hear them.

My tattoo experience Part 1: My first tattoo

So I have 3 tattoos, done by 3 different shops. And while I love each one, I do have thoughts and feelings on each experience and things I have learned along the way through my tattoo journey. I am not claiming to be an expert and I still have A LOT to learn in the ways of tattoos, but I have learned quite a bit and wanted to share my tips and experiences from the tattoos that I do have. I want to share the ups and downs, dislikes and likes, and mistakes I have made in getting tattoos. This will be a 3 part blog post as there is a lot to talk about with each shop and tattoo that I visited/have. This will be a fairly long blog post as well, I have a lot say about my first tattoo.

My first tattoo:

IMG_5719My first tattoo is one I love a lot but also one that I am not as found of. I was 19 when I got this one and quite honestly just wanting a tattoo in general. While I did think a lot about what I wanted, I feel like if I had waited a little longer I would of learned more and came to a more decisive decision on what I wanted and not just gotten something for the sake of having a tattoo.

First off, I was living in Chicago at the time when I did get this tattoo so I had pretty good options for getting tattoos. But me being me, and being young and naive I went and walked into tattoo shops, showed them my design and asked how much. There will be more on the design later. This in itself is not a bad thing, especially since I could give the shops a solid design and how large I was wanting it and the placement(I knew right away I wanted this on my hip, bold placement for a first tattoo). But I have since learned it can be a little rude to basically tattoo hop and find the cheapest price. Plus you might now always want the cheapest anyways. The piece was small enough and simple enough that it qualified for the base price. So I basically just walked into tattoo shops and went off price and how fast they were able to fit me in. I have since learned, contacting before hand is probably best, and while I didn’t just hear the minimum  price and go “no thanks” and leave I could of had a little more tact in the ways of walk in tattoos. I was also with a friend who had several tattoos and was experienced in the ways of getting tattoos so I think that helped me to be a little less rude than some people are in the situation of tattoo shop hopping. This isn’t to say that you CAN’T walk in and ask the questions that you want and get what you need. You should ask questions and get exactly what you want in the way of permeant body art, but I led the shop owners to believe I would be back but instead found a place that was cheaper and cancelled on them when they did call and say they now had time for me. When getting tattoos learn to have some patience, and also go with the person with the best portfolio not just with the best price.

Now onto the design. I was new to this, and what little I did know of tattoos I learned from a friend in high school who designed her brothers tattoo. She told me that tattoo shops would not accept printed off pictures so she had to draw his up, and proceeded to trace a picture she found online. So honestly, I didn’t know that tattoo stealing was even a thing. So when I was looking for inspiration for my tattoo, I knew kind of what I wanted and looked on Pinterest for a design I liked and was inspired by. I already knew before I began looking what I wanted. I wanted the word AGAPE (geek word for one of the many definitions of love; commonly referred to as God love because it is the most powerful or intimate love. Usually refer to love for children, spouse etc.) with some type of inclusion of the ichthys (the fish symbol tied to Christianity) and I knew I wanted it in black and white. So what I did was go onto Pinterest and find exactly what I wanted and I redrew it so I could take it in. I didn’t have access to printing so I couldn’t just outright trace it. While I didn’t steal something already tattooed, as it was just a picture (still not an excuse however), and I didn’t just trace the design I still found a design online and used that. There wasn’t a link to who originally drew it or any connection to the artist either so in all honesty I couldn’t have tracked down where it even came from. I have since learned that this is not the best way to go about tattoo designs, in reality I should of taken the original in and asked for them to design something similar or tell them what I would want. I didn’t realize until much later on that this could be potential theft. And while tattoos like mine are classified as tattoos like a heart or infinity symbol and are common and can’t really be changed it’s something that sticks with me.

I went to the Royal Flesh tattoo shop in Chicago, IL. The tattoo shop I went to was incredibly nice though, and while I didn’t have anything to compare it too I was very pleased with the price, the service and how the tattoo turned out. We ended up changing a few more things on the tattoo and making it nicer/cleaner to be tattooed. I was tattooed by an apprentice, he was super nice and did a really decent job especially since I paid 65$ for the tattoo. I did tip pretty well too, though I can’t remember exactly what I gave as a tip.

After care and many years later is a little bit of a different story however. I was young, again I cannot stress this enough. This was my first, against I cannot stress THIS fact enough, and I honestly had no clue. Each shop has slightly different directions but the basics are wash the area gently about 3 times a day with NON scented soap and lotion up to 5 times a day with NON scented lotion. Each shop will tell you what brand they believe works best and each shop has different instructions for how long to leave it bandaged. So this shop told me to leave the bandage on for like 4-6 hours I believe and wash with a bar soap and gave me a brand of lotion they thought was best. I can’t remember exactly the brand but I have since learned aquaphor works pretty well for tattoos. (again I am NO expert so do not hold me to that, that is just what helped my other tattoos heal and they turned out way better than the first one years later).

I have had this tattoo for 4 years, I got it in 2014 in the spring. So at this point it’s been around a while and has had some sun damage and general wear. I picked at it while it healed, which made it patchy. So don’t do that. At some point I need to go get it touched up. It also has blown out some in the lettering, especially where it is thinner. Which is quite common especially in thinner lined tattoos. While I still really love this tattoo a lot, I do regret being so naive about tattoos at the time. And if I had a re-do I would probably ask to see examples of work and pick someone based off of work and not price. I also wasn’t told that thin lines can blow out and fade, so some more research on my part would have been better. There isn’t really a way to know if it’s because of who tattooed my or the price but maybe if I paid a little more and gotten done by someone who had more experience the lettering wouldn’t have blown out. It could also just be the placement (on my hip) or how badly I cared for it.

All in all, I love this tattoo and it means a lot to me. It’s a great reminder and has a deep meaning in my life. Did I do things a little unconventional? Yes. most likely. I should of asked for a custom design from the shop, and while I picked a tattoo known as common and re-drew it myself to the best of my abilities (thank goodness for tattoo shops being able to clean up drawings) it would have been much nicer to tell them what I wanted and get something custom. Had a done this with someones actual tattoo and ripped off a custom design I would feel much worse about myself but I have since learned a little more tattoo etiquette. I encourage anyone looking for tattoos to get their ideas from other tattoos but bring in what you want and get something custom made or have someone custom draw the design for you. It’s not a huge matter with popular tattoos like hearts, stars, infinity signs, deathly hallows etc because that is a flat design that no one can customize really. But for something like a pretty detailed piece that you love, get your own custom design based off the design.

I have also never shared this design before online, ever. Mostly because my parents didn’t know at the time (heck they still don’t know about this particular tattoo) that I had gotten it done so I never shared it. Not many people know I got this done. Also partly because when I began to realize tattoo theft was a thing I was still unsure if mine qualified as such. However, while I could of done things better I don’t think I ripped off anyones actual tattoo and I think about it like this; if someone wants this design then they are welcome to it. My other tattoos though have deeper and more personal meanings and are uniquely designed for me so they better stay mine and only mine. This  tattoos in itself is a very common design and not like a unique piece designed my another artist in shop.

Also, disclaimer, I know that this tattoo healed fairly poorly and that is 100% my fault. I picked at it way too much and made it fade and look patchy. At some point I will get this touched up and fixed so it’s not so faded and patchy looking. The tattoo shop did a wonderful job and the only blame here can be placed on me. Blow outs do happen, especially on something that small with that tiny of lettering. I still love it and honestly it could look much worse considering how much I picked at it. DO NOT PICK TATTOOS! I beg you, just don’t.

All in all I think I learned a lot from this experience, and while I don’t regret getting this particular design I know I could have improved my experience. If you are looking to get your first tattoo definitely do A LOT of research, look at reviews and look up you tubers who have gotten a lot of tattoos like treacle tatts, qcknd and katrin berndt who just have been doing this for a long time and have a lot of stories and tips to share.

If you have a first story feel free to share with me, I would love to know other peoples experiences. If you have any other questions about my first time, feel free to ask me and contact me. Please keep comments kind, I was rather young and naive and didn’t know all of the etiquette that went along with tattoos. I have since learned and changed my tactics and am in no way advocating my behavior either. I just wanted to share my experience and what I have learned. Look for part 2 in the near future.


Cover image used from pixabay free images 

The 5 minute Savasana

Savasana is one of those things that everyone knows is super important but no one seems to give it the love and attention that it needs. When I was taking online yoga classes Savasana was like 30 seconds. It didn’t last long at all and I was always left longing for more time. They were online classes so I could extend my Savasana if I wanted, but it still seemed super odd to me that it was so short.

So when I finally began taking studio classes it was super nice that Savasana was at least a few minutes. I had time to cool down, clear my mind and prepare myself for the rest of the day off my mat. Savasana was not to be rushed, it’s probably one of the most important parts of your yoga practice and we really need to take the time to relax in it and take our mind into that mind space. 152200898_653cee39a7

So when I started teaching, I made a huge effort to save that last 5 minutes of class for Savasana. I call it the 5 minute Savasana. While the class does not actually stay that long in Savasana, they get at least 2-3 minutes to wind down and then the 1-2 minutes to slowly wake back up and come to their seated position. Which most people in my classes take full advantage of. I have learned so many new Savasana tips from my class that I never thought of before.

One good tip I see is using a blanket in Savasana. Covering up and getting full into that relaxation for Savasana. If Savasana only lasts a matter of seconds then you don’t have the time to get that relaxed and into your space.

A longer Savasana offers a better cool down, a clearer mind and ties your practice together. And it’s important to give our muscles, as well as our mind, that time to rest and cool down after a sessions. And depending on the type of yoga you’re doing, it can be your key to a perfect practice. 16705892770_9c7f39f597

If you’re doing mild yoga, especially before bed it can really help to bring you into that chill space especially for bedtime. The only time a Savasana isn’t relay used in a yoga practice is when you’re specially doing a short flow to wake up or build energy. Like a 15 minute session. Otherwise Savasana is key to almost every practice.

So next time you find yourself on your mat, try to extend your Savasana a little longer. Bring yourself to that clear minded space, prepare yourself for the rest of the day and really bring a nice close to your practice. A movie or a book just doesn’t end abruptly, there is always some sort of closure (unless you’re watching Infinity Wars apparently) and your yoga practice is the same way. Don’t leave yourself hanging on a cliffhanger. Go the distance and give yourself a wonderful ending. 2478832771_6e401361de

And Savasana does not have to be traditional either. Find a different way to lay, use blankets, blocks and bolsters and get so comfortable in your Savasana. Play around with it and find whats perfect for you and your body. Really begin to love your Savasana, not just because we have to or it’s a nice rest after hard poses.

So take the time you need, find what works for you and enjoy the best ending you can possibly make for a practice. Self-care has many different faces, and a good Savasana can be one of the best ways to practice self-care.

Lady Bird movie review: *Spoilers*

I’ve been wanting to see his movie for awhile, but I wasn’t willing to pay for a ticket when it was in theaters and while it scored well on rotten tomatoes, I was still not wanting to take a chance on something that didn’t seem to get a whole of press time. Thankfully Amazon added it to their prime video and I finally sat down and watched it. This review will contain spoilers so if you haven’t seen the movie yet you have been warned.


Lady_Bird_posterLady Bird follows Christine “Lady Bird” McPherson in her senior year of high school. Attending Catholic school, Lady Bird (her preferred name) follows the ups and downs of coming of age, senior year and choosing a college. Wanting to go out of state to New York she is constantly battling with her mom about college, trying to fit in, first boyfriends and keeping grades up trying to get into college. 


Lady Bird is a beautiful coming of age story, and it differs greatly from most coming of age stories as well. I loved the realness behind the story and the struggles that Lady Bird went through especially with her mom. I’ll break down the review into parts and/or events that happened in the movie and touch on each a little bit. Then I will do my overall feelings and opinions on it.

Lady Bird and her mother: The movie starts off with a college visit as Lady Bird and her mother listen to an audio book. True to a lot of mother daughter relationships, the audio book ends and they start to bicker. Cue the end of the scene and Lady Bird opens the car door as they are still driving and just falls out breaking her arm. To say I was shocked about this scene was a bit of an understatement. It seemed dramatic and crazy and way over the top but it set up the whole relationship with her mom for the entire movie. They had the type of relationship where they could be honest with each other, but the mom was a little too honest and tried her hardest to get her daughter to be the best that she could be. Lady Bird realized that her mom really did care but a lot of the time she didn’t know how to handle the blatant honesty coming from her mom and retaliated with the same honesty.

College: After initially fighting with her mom about wanting to go out of state and her mom telling her she would never be accepted to those colleges, and that there was no way they could afford them anyways. So Lady Bird says nothing more of the topic and applies to the colleges behind her mothers back. She longs to get away and get a taste of freedom from her town of Sacramento. The movie ends with her getting in to a New York college, things are super shaky with her mom and they leave on a sour note. Her dad sneaks several letters from her mom into her suitcase (with out mom knowing) which I am assuming were all the unspoken feelings of love and affection for her daughter. After some hardships in New York, Lady Bird realizes her love for her mother and for Sacramento. She calls her mom and thanks her for everything saying that she loves her and misses her. Its leaves the audience to wonder if she stayed in New York, if she transferred back home or maybe she took her time in New York to appreciate her home and her life.

Boyfriends: This movie shows how many a first loves goes. Lady Birds first boyfriend turned out to be gay, while breaking her heart Lady Bird realized how much worse the boy was as they attended catholic school and was unable to tell his family. Her second boyfriend conned her into having sex, taking her virginity and then admitting that he wasn’t actually a virgin even though he had said he was. She has to come to terms with her struggles and realize her mistakes and come to terms with a huge jerk of a guy. I even liked how she was able to talk to her mom about it, and her mom didn’t judge. When asked when is the correct time to start having sex her mom just replied “probably college, but make sure to use protection like we talked about.” which I really admired. Even if you want to stress that sex should wait till marriage it’s important to let your kids know all the details and precautions they need to be taking. It was nice to see how first love isn’t how always how it seems it’s going to be, especially as a teenager.

There are many more points I could touch on but these are the main ones. I really enjoyed the movie overall and thought it was well done.

The movie is really slow going, nothing really happens but it touches on a side of life that most movies don’t show. What it’s like to be the poor one in a private school, the struggles of love, fights between friends and even the struggles of the adults as they raise a rather opinionated child. It isn’t an action movie, it’s a story movie.

While there are some scenes that just kind of seem like “what the heck” overall the movie is a great one. Like when she jumped from the car, that was a little crazy and seemed a little extreme. And at the end, when she gets to college and parties it up and gets sent to the hospital for just being drunk on basically her first night. While it was a slap in the face for Lady Bird, it just seemed off and a little rushed. She spent the entire movie trying to get away and on her first night she realizes what she misses. While that is very realistic it just happened so quickly like the first thing she does is get wasted.

Overall though, this was an amazing coming of age movie and really portrayed a teens struggles of colleges and relationships. It was a movie that I feel most people can relate to on some level. It was touching and sad, and really got a person thinking. I love movies that aren’t just entertaining but also are very profound and make a person think.

I would rate this a 4/5 stars, I loved the movie but some of it was just way out there. I would recommend this movie to anyone who loves more realistic movies and not just action and fantasy. It’s a slow movie, but still a very good movie. And I encourage everyone to at least try it. It’s on amazon prime video (included with a prime membership) for anyone looking for it. Otherwise it’s pretty much in every store on DVD and blu ray. Definitely worth a watch.

My nail journey

Okay so this is a little out there as far as topics for me, I am by no means a beauty guru or nail expert at all. But recently I had begun to watch a nail channel on youtube about super cute tutorials and other random nail stuff. The channel is called Simply Nailogical, and I will link it as well. But I began to watch the nail videos, which consist of super fun nail art, nail DIYs or trying popular nail DIYs that don’t actually work, trying out kids nail products etc. It’s just a super fun channel and I really enjoy watching, especially since Christine (the host) is super real and super weird and I love it. A lot of the time she’s just trying something she’s never done before and she includes her fails as well which is comforting to those like me who can’t nail art to save their life.

I was going through my normal youtube binge when I watched her nail care videos, and how to grow your nails “fast” and I actually got some super great tips that I had never thought of before. So I began my nail journey. After years of working in childcare, and not really being able to have long nails or any nails really I decided that I should grow my nails. Now my nails grow super fast. It takes about a week for my nails to grow past my finger tips, a little longer if I focus a lot on shaping. But I need trims usually every week at least. But I have never grown my nails longer than that. I have never felt the need to, nor has it ever been super practical in my life. But now that I am teaching yoga, I don’t have to worry about actually working so much with my hands and I have the freedom to grow my nails out if I would like to.

Anyways, long story short I got some pretty awesome tips from her video including how to care for nails and how to shape them. I will link both videos down below for you to watch because honestly you just need to see them if you’re interested in healthy nails and shaping/growing them.

How to shape your nails 

How to grow long nails 

Both videos were super insightful and inspired me to also grow my own nails out. I got some good tips as well, like how to shape and what tools to use how to strengthen and grow nails. While it is false that you can do some tricks to make nails grow super fast Christine talks about taking steps to protect and grow nails. Which is also what inspired to me to start painting my nails again as well. Because nail polish adds a layer, sort of like armor, to your nail and makes it stronger so you don’t break it. I also started to play around with nail art as well. I suck at stickers, or stickers just suck. But I am getting better at just plain nail polish and taking care of my nail beds and cuticles.

The other day I was playing around and even got a successful french tip done as well. Successful as in you can kind of tell it’s a french tip and it’s hardly even smudged. I was so proud, with a little tape I made an edge and it actually turned out decent. I just made sure to do the first coat without a base coat so I could scratch off any leaks with a wooden cuticle stick. I wish I could give more of a how to on this, but then this post would be so long. If you want a tutorial on this though feel free to comment below or request it. I am not super great at nail art but these turned out cute.

nailpicforblogSo, my nail journey. I started off with super short nails (pictured) which you can kind of see but I didn’t have a super great before shot so I had to crop. I have pretty much had short nails my whole life, it was just easier for me to deal with. I did band and sports in high school and didn’t have a whole ton of time to spend on my nails. Plus I sucked at nail polish. Then when I graduated I still worked in childcare and honest to goodness just didn’t think to try growing my nails. So this past year after I got hired as a yoga instructor instead and finally left childcare behind, I was inspired and decided to start my journey.

And this is after 2 weeks, with shaping, cuticle removal and my french tips that I did. IMG_5626The tip is pretty much the entirety of the white part of my nail, which has a name but I don’t remember what it is. While it doesn’t seem like it’s that much of a growth, this is how long they get in about a week. Growth tends to slow down a little once they get past my finger tips and shaping them also makes them take a little longer as well. But for now I am pretty pleased with how they turned out. As someone who has kept short nails all her life, and has a huge hatred for fake nails of any kind this is really awesome. So far I am just using nail polish as my shield and shaping them/removing cuticles. Oil is generally about 10$ a bottle which isn’t too terrible but my nails are strong and still bend pretty easily without breakage so I think they are super healthy without the added oil anyways.

What I have noticed now that I have decided to take care of my nails more is that they are really healthy. Strong, yet felixaeble. They grow super fast, which was an annoyance when I was cutting them but not anymore. After I stopped using clippers and just filed my nail bed and nail tip (where the bed meets the white part, or the lunula as I just learned) smoothed out a lot and stopped being uneven. Which really helped me doing the french tips as well. So already, NOT using nail clippers has made that line from nail bed to white part more straight and less all over the place, which was always a problem for me because parts of my nails would always seem uneven.

As they grow even more I have noticed some nails are a lot tougher than others and less flexible so I will at some point have to get some oil. Doing research, a lot of people recommend a lit of different oils but Christine has said in her videos that Jojoba works best for her because it just absorbs better so I was going to eventually try that type of oil.

As far as practicality in life, they don’t hold me back or make things difficult any more so than usual. Which I was surprised because that is why I hate fake nails so much. But I also teach yoga now and that takes a lot less work with my hands that would make a nail break or anything. So basically, I am pretty happy with my results and I am loving being able to grow my nails a little longer now. For the time being I am not sure if I want to shape them better and keep them this length or grow them even more. I will just have to see, growth has at least slowed a little bit now anyways so I won’t have super crazy long nails at least.

If you’re looking for healthier nails, or to grow yours too I highly recommend Christine channel. I have gotten so many tips and honestly I just love her. Also just for fun, comment some of the nail art you guys have done and maybe give me some inspo for my next at home manicure. I would love to see what awesome stuff you guys can do, since I pretty much suck at the nail art department for now.


Repeat Yoga Days

As a yoga teacher who gets the privilege of making all of my own flows and classes, I was terrified of doing a repeat class. What if the class remembered the flow, what if they were wanting something totally new. Some weeks it would be a struggle to put something together and most of the time it would be some variation of the other flows anyways. But just this last week in my class we did a pretty challenging flow, and while my class really loves these I don’t want to make them do something super challenging each class. So as sat there thinking what I would possibly make up for them, what I would possibly be able to do with them to give them some sort of break, I thought back to the basic power flow that was taught to us in teacher training. It had been a while since I had used that particular flow, and it was still energy building but without all of the work that the last flow had offered. So it would be a nice break.

But somewhere in the back of my mind I was terrified of using something that I had already used before, because somehow it felt like I was cheating or not doing the work that I should be. And honestly, this is a mindset that I would love to just kick to the curb.

For one thing, a lot of studios offer the same basic class. Which is why I was taught this flow in my teacher training because the studio used that as their beginner class. As they taught it to us they told us to learn in and go use it in our own classes. It’s not a bad thing to use something again and again, and some people really enjoy having a solid flow that’s the same thing every time. I mean, studios that use that method are clearly doing pretty well for themselves so something must be right with having a basic flow.

But I could not for the life of me think of a flow that would be a suitable change after something super challenging. I kept coming back to the basic flow. I mean it’s a good flow, it hits all the things you’d want in an energy flow yoga class and it really brings out the physical side of yoga without being too much work.

So why is it such a huge deal then when I want to do a repeat? And where did this mindset come from? Since clearly that is not what I was taught in training. As a yoga teacher, it can be a little nerve wracking getting up in front of people each week and presenting something that you made. Especially for me, the teacher training that I took did not spend a huge amount of time on the actual how to for making flows. I think we spent like 2 hours on that. A day at most. Which really, it should of been one of the main things we went over. So, you’ve got to make this flow and you already are like “what if they don’t like it?” and then you feel like you should of gotten more training in actually making your own flows as well.

Plus, not every flow is going to be a winner. It just isn’t, everyone is different and everyone likes different things. It’s natural that your flow just won’t resonate with someone that week. It happens to me sometimes as well, I just don’t like the flow and it’s not to say I didn’t enjoy the class or doing yoga but it’s not what I would have chosen for myself. And to cater to several people and all of their different likes, it certainly is a challenging career. I love yoga, and I love making flows. But it’s also really difficult at times as well.

I’m also not a huge social person. I’m just not. I’m not sure how I got to be a yoga instructor, and having to spend an entire hour talking to an entire class but I am. But it’s still hard for me, and I am human so I have all these doubts in my head about how I am teaching and how people like it. I’m sure as I teach even longer I will be okay, but for now it still feels new and fresh and I’m like “okay who trusted me to teach people this stuff.” so it can be slightly scary.

But once I let go of how people will perceive me, and I just go with what feels the best for class this time around, I get the best flows and ideas. And if a repeat is needed, then it’s needed. A huge part of it is just coming to terms with what I am feeling that week. What will feel the most right, what is going to be the best? And then I go with that.  I also base it off other weeks, while we are an energy flow class I do not want to make them work super hard each time. So if one class was more intense, the next one will be more mellow.

And in reality, repeating a flow that I used 3 months ago, isn’t going to be the end of my class. Yoga instructors have fears as well, however yoga really helps to focus on other things and not just the fear. And overcoming fears and doubts is a part of the teacher life. And chances are the class will really love the flow anyways, and most likely will not notices its the same exact flow. No one is THAT good at memorizing something they’ve done once. It took me ages to get that flow down and it did it everyday for months.

So, never be afraid to use a repeat flow. Never be afraid to take a repeat flow. Sometimes some repetition can be the best thing we need in life.


Facebook isn’t a valid news source

I see this ALL the time, way too often actually, and it’s quite scary. Something is posted or shared and it goes viral and people are outraged (or super happy, depending on the post) and suddenly in a flurry it’s all over Facebook. I have seen post on how it’s the end of the world, photos of all of the “awful” things happening around the world, and even some good things. Share this photo and get free chipotle! Yeah, I have been there and done that and guess what, if you show that photo to a fast food chain they will laugh at you and say sorry, this isn’t valid please actually buy your meal.

But why do we this? We share something without really thinking of it’s origins or where it came from or who even originally posted it. And it’s not too hard to find out what is falsified and what is actually real. I mean google searches can tell you where pictures actually came from. Searching for the original post can tell you if this is a legit facebook sharing stuff or one that was just created to share this account of things that suddenly has surfaced but is totally true. And just plain common sense will tell you what is entirely plausible, and what isn’t.

Remember the tide pod eating craze? And then right after it suddenly became huge news that kids were snorting condoms? Yeah, the actual video of that was from years ago, from one kid who was doing some kind of challenge. But everyone believed that kids were now snorting condoms because someone found this video and shared it like “kids now days snort condoms! First tide pods, now this? Crazy!” and it was insane how fast people believed this to be something kids were actually doing quite regularly. Which in turn led kids to actually try it, though thankfully only a couple did. At least only a couple filmed and published it. But a quick youtube search will show you like 2 kids who actually tried, tons of news videos on this “new trend” and then videos from a year ago, 5 years ago and even 10 years ago.

I watched a video one time, about a person talking to a snake. They said to the snake, “You have legs! It was on facebook, so it’s true!” and while the snake tried to tell the person how stupid it was, snakes don’t have legs, the person shared the post and told everyone they know that snakes do have legs. Because it was on facebook, so it must be true. Here is the actual video if you ever want to watch it. While incredibly dumb, it has a point. Just believing something that is from our facebook timeline isn’t actually a valid source.

Here is a thing though, people can post whatever they want. Google has a bajillion images that anyone can download. And photoshop exists. So this tweet that is supposedly from some verified account saying these newsworthy things is actually very easily edited in photoshop. I have no idea how to use photoshop and I can safely tell you that I would be able to make up a fake tweet. If you really want to know if someone actually tweeted this out, go sift through all the tweets they have tweeted. Also good luck, because my twitter alone has over 12K tweets and I’m not even verified.

The facts are though, just because something is posted, doesn’t mean it’s true. Just because they have a photo, doesn’t mean it’s true. People lie, people make stuff up and people spread rumors about all kinds of things. It’s sad, but it’s true.

All those go fund me links you see asking for donations? Do you even know where this money is going. Maybe it’s the still the broke college kid in me but when I see a link, I don’t just drop money all over it. I don’t know the people personally asking, I do not 100% know for sure that they even need the money for what they say because I have never met them. And it’s sad, because I would love to be able to help everyone who needs help. But not through a link online, in a world where people can make false profiles and write whatever they want. I do not know if they will actually take the money and use it for what they claim, or if this is a scam because they know if they get a picture of a little girl and say she needs help she is so sick people will donate money to them. Not to mention the thousands of funding pages for things like “help me buy this, I need a car, I want to travel etc” which alone make a person shudder with the amount of funding pages people have for things they really should just be saving up for with their own money. As much as I would love to have an all expenses paid vacation via go fund me, I can go to work and save my money and do it myself.

The thing is though, we live in a fast social media world now. Where people are obsessed with sharing everything. But we never get the whole story. The videos of people being treated “poorly” at a store or restaurant could very well be an act. Because all we see is the last half of what was going on, with this person claiming that they are being treated so poorly. But what went on before the video was recorded? How was this person acting before they suddenly decided that they were wronged and need evidence of this? I could go into a store and make a huge scene and get kicked out, then start recording as security removed me yelling about how they are being rude to me just because I am a girl. Chances are people would share the crap out of that, saying “don’t shop here they are sexist towards woman.” and bam. Half a truth has suddenly become the only truth in the eyes of social media.

But because it was posted online it must be true. And that’s honestly the scariest thought to think about. People don’t take the time anymore to look things up, read from actual sources AND to read both sides of an issue. We see something, we believe it, we share it. So when did facebook photos and peoples tweets become the news? My goodness, look up press releases and statements and find out where those posts actually came from.

Have you ever looked up one of those “bad” posts people have shared. For example a while ago it was huge news that a worker at a restaurant purposely put meat into a vegan meal. While they had screen shots of the actual post of the worker bragging about doing it, it was no where to be found online. And you can go to their profile real quick and find out if it’s on there or not. Now I know that things can be deleted but also, wouldn’t there be more of a trace of it than just that one screen shot? Things online are never truly gone after all.

And honestly, I get it. Because you see something and you feel like you need to be outraged and do something about it so you share it. But spreading false news and media lies won’t help anything. What does help is finding out what is really going on, sharing the actual news and then doing something accordingly. Because simply sharing a post claiming to be truth is only going to cause more hurt and confusion in the long wrong. Facebook isn’t our news source, social medias aren’t platforms of truth and literally anything can be falsified. We have some very passionate people who think by making posts on facebook they are helping the issues of the world. And it’s having an opposite effect.

So before going on a social media outrage rant, before sharing anything, before making claims find out more about it. Look stuff up, do your own research and make sure that you know for sure what you are sharing. It doesn’t take that much more effort to do a little homework, and it can do a world of good in the social media world.